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Submitted issues in tickets should be clear and detailed with screenshots to solve these faster.

Each ticket should include each issue related to only one product so that we can assign it to our supporters easily.

In the case the ticket doesn't meet these requirements, it can be refused to resolve.

Thanks for your cooperation.

For requirements related to function or integration into the custom theme, the ticket can be replied to later than usual because these issues can take more time to check and effort to resolve.

So, please understand and calm down to wait for the response.

If you purchase one license, please enter one production domain - If you purchase two or more licenses, please enter two or more production domains separated by a COMMA (,).

One license is valid for ONE Magento instance/installation production site, 3 development site admin domains, and unlimited frontend domains. Please make sure the development URL is clearly marked as a development URL (sub-domain containing dev or staging or test, just anything that cannot be used productively, for more information please check our wiki).

If you want to add more sub-domains after you've already got the key license, please email us: info@landofcoder.com. We're willing to add for you.

  • For the pre-sale question, please feel free to contact us via live chat on Landofcoder.com ( From Monday to Friday: 8 am -5:30 pm GMT+7) or leave an offline message, we will give you a response asap.



To active license key for Magento 2 Extensions, please follow these steps:

  • Login to your account -> My downloadable product -> Enter your domain to get a license key. Copy license key
  • Go to Admin Panel -> Manage license -> Paste License Key serials at the box license serials and its status: Valid

As you know, our product is a downloadable product with non-tax. So your received invoice comes with non-tax.

If you want an invoice, please submit your request Invoice, together with your order ID to email info@landofcoder.com, we will send your invoice manually.

When your purchase is complete, please Log in to your account -> Go to my downloadable product.

Click on the Name of Extension/ Theme file ( they appear with anchor text)


To fix SOAP Error, please follow these steps here https://blog.landofcoder.com/solve-soap-errors/

If you paid via payment wall and your order is pending, it is because Paymentwall doesn't transfer money to our account immediately, some pending payments occur.

So to avoid any inconvenient payment issues, we encourage customers to use Paypal Method for their purchase in the quickest way.

Payment Gate available included

1. Paypal: allorderdesk@gmail.com

2. Skrill: thuanlq.brainos@gmail.com

3. Payoneer: venustheme@gmail.com

To purchase our Extension on Landofcoder, please follow us these steps in Landofcoder Payment Method (https://blog.landofcoder.com/landofcoder-payment-method-guide/)

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