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Marketplace For Magento 2.

LOF Magento 2 Marketplace Extension puts your website on top position by letting vendors/ sellers manage a wide range of things by themselves easily. Everything is automated!

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The Most Unique Frontend Dashboard Experience


Vendor Manage Everything

Vendors and sellers can take a full control of their products from the frontend dashboard: products, orders, invoice, reviews, rating, withdraws, reports, support, much more.

The Best Storefront Marketplace Experience.

LOF Magento 2 Marketplace Extension bring you the best storefront ever. It is the combination between trending marketplace design with amazing features that help you to create an enjoyable customer experiences

User-friendly design

Our Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension comes with intuitive frontend UI that is extremely easy to use. There is no experience required. Anyone can sign up and start selling right away.

Compatible with any Magento 2 Themes

LOF Marketplace Extension for Magento 2 is fully compatible with most standard Magento 2 themes. If you are wondering it is compatible with your custom theme or not, send us yours we will check for you.

An Amazing Marketplace

that Manages Itself

Our magento 2 marketplace extension helps you turn everything into automatic online marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Etsy...You sellers can take a full control of their products, sales, invoices, shipments, credit memos using a Seller Cpanel. Also, Customer can give reviews and rating for sellers as well as their products & services.

Why Choose LOF Magento 2 Marketplace Extension

Responsive Seller Cpanel

Seller can manage everything notifications, insights on sales, average order values, best sellers, seller subscriptions, product approvals & much more with seller Cpanel. Also, responsive seller Cpanel helps you to do anything from any device and anywhere

Flexible Commission Management

  • You can create multiple commission rule for vendors
  • Commission rate could be set for each vendors/sellers
  • You can set flexible conditions for products applied by the commission rules.
  • The commission can be fixed price and percent of product price.

Products & Order Management

Seller can manage everything notifications, insights on sales, average order values, best sellers, seller subscriptions, product approvals & much more with seller Cpanel. Also, responsive seller Cpanel helps you to do anything from any device and anywhere

Multiple Gateways & Multilingual ready

There are 10+ most popular gateways supported including: PayPal, Authorize.Net, Braintree, Sage Pay, Google Checkout, Amazon Payment, WePay, 2CheckOut, Dwolla, Skrill (Moneybookers). Multiple Payment gateway helps your market to sell in any country, with tax rates built-in. Our Magento 2 marketplace extension is multilingual, fully translatable and RTL supported – making your marketplace truly global.

All Product Types Supported

With LOF magento 2 marketplace extension, sellers can add 5 types of products including:
  • Simple Product
  • Grouped Product
  • External/Affiliate Product
  • Variable Product
  • Downloadable Product

Main Features

Responsive Seller Cpanel

No code knowledge needed, everything is easy for your sale partner to customize and sell product.

Flexible Commission

Set various commission rates/conditions for different vender groups. Pay commision by price or percentage of product price.

Separate Seller Profile

Allow vendor to create and add info about their business to promote their brand, products, and services.

Feedback & Review

Help buyers to give comments, reviews, rate for all products. All that assessments are under administrator's control.

Fully Customizable

Take full control over everything easily to create the most friendly environment for all vendors and buyers.

Multi Product Types

Numerous product categories include simple product, grouped products, external/affiliate product, variable product, downloadable product.

Manage Vendors/ Sellers

Manage all vendors and sellers information such as profile, seller's product, design, metadata.

Seller Order Tracking

Help customer of vendor to check order tracking status/information easily. Reduce their concern and increase vendor's store credibility.

Easy To Use

Have a piece of cake to install and use this extension for both you, vendors and buyers.

All Payment Methods

10+ popular gateways are applied: PayPal, Authorize.Net, Braintree, Sage Pay, Google Checkout, Amazon Payment, WePay, 2CheckOut, Dwolla, Skrill.

Banner Image

Help your vendor create an impression on their customer to attract more and more sales.

Useful Seller Dashboard

Comprehensive dashboard with credit amount, total sales, total orders, total products, Daily Sale, Current Month's Sale, etc.

Product Management

Enable/disable product, attribute set, product name, price, tax class, quantity, stock status, weight, related products, up-sells, cross-sells, etc.

Seller Order Management

Take full control over your seller order status such as approve, pending, delete. Make your website the best market to trade.

Commission Management

At the backend, you can set and organize commission for each vendor group basing on different criteria.

Auto Approve Seller

Beside approving manually, you can set approve seller automatically to save time and effort.

Custom Attributes

Allow vendor to set all product attributes to make it the most informative to the buyer.

Report System

Follow all useful reports: daily/monthly/annual sale, top countries, last order, best seller, most view products.

Purchase History

Keep up with purchase history to gain a comprehensive assessment and make plan for future direction.

Multi Themes Support

Fully compatible with almost standard Magento 2 themes.

Email Notification

Send seller email notification for their registration, product approval, order, invoice, shipment.

SEO Management

Provide every vendor a unique URL for customer and google robot to remember easily.

All Payment & Shipping Method Support

Manage your desire payment methods which are most suitable for you, your vendor and their customers.

Approve or Disapprove Products

Completely take control over product approvement.

Show Store on Vacation

Help vendor to set vacation duration and message for store: ON/OFF, message, date

Multiple Vendor Product Checkout

Allow buyers to get products from various sellers at once.

Manage Transaction

Allow vendor to track and manage transaction easily in the Cpanel.

Seller Credit Account

Seller is given their own credit account to help them receive payment of each order, also for purchase from your marketplace.

Message System

Add, edit and schedule message for more effective connection between you and vendor or buyer.

Vendor Reports

Provide vendor with report system about their sale activities, products, and customers.

Easy to Customize

The extensions are fully open source, you can easily customize the extension as your requirements

Price Comparison

Hold a control on a sound competitive environment among vendors and their products.

Additional Plugins for Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension


Social Login for Magento 2

Magento 2 Marketplace Social Login allows both sellers and customers to login Marketplace site by their own common social account as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram

Marketplace FAQ

This Magento 2 Marketplace FAQ Plugin allows you to add questions and answers for multiple subjects.

Productlist Extension

Magento 2 Marketplace Product list help both sellers and buyers browse products through the store easier and quicker with several choices of sorting orders.

Paypal Adaptive Payment

This Plugin Magento 2 Marketplace Paypal adaptive payment helps you handles payments between a sender of a payment and one or more receivers of the payment.

Marketplace Table Rate Shipping

Seller can set the conditions for the Table Rate Shipping based on weight or destination and Table Rate Shipping for their products by Magento 2 marketplace table rate shipping with ease.


Marketplace Twilio SMS Notification helps to send SMS updates to customer when their order status is updated and receive SMS message when a customer place new order


With Magento 2 Marketplace Seller Locator, customers can find seller locators by radius or city, zip code... easier than ever.

Marketplace Stripe Payment

Magento 2 Marketplace Stripe Payment allows you to accept credit card payments via Stripe payment gateway on your Magento 2 Marketplace

Mass Import/Export Products

This feature allows your vendors and sellers to export and import products in bulk

Marketplace Chat

Magento 2 Marketplace Seller Live chat is useful live chat solution for multi vendor marketplace. With with live chat solution, you can improve the relationship among sellers and buyers significantly, right?

Single Seller Checkout For Magento 2

Marketplace Single Seller Product Checkout will allow buyers to add products from the only one seller.

Marketplace Flat Rate Shipping

Marketplace Advanced Flat Shipping Addons is highly applicable to multi vendor store, which incredibly simplifies and eases your way into managing shipping price


Marketplace Auction for Magento 2

Magento 2 Marketplace Auction Addons allows both seller and admin create/edit/delete auction for products (Automatic, Reserve, Increment Auction) and let customers place bid for product


Marketplace Blog for Magento 2

Marketplace Blog For Magento 2 Awesome Magento 2 marketplace blog plugin for you store. Multiple layout, unlimited posts, Categories, related posts and products, facebook or disqus comments, much more.


Marketplace Customer Membership For Magento 2

Magento 2 Marketplace Customer Membership2 allows your seller to create membership package for their seller to get product with the most preferential price.

Marketplace Seller Membership For Magento 2

Marketplace Seller Membership helps admin to take full control over seller’s uploading product, which means they can put restrict to seller’s product quantity.

Magento 2 Marketplace Membership category

Magento 2 Marketplace Membership category helps seller within multi-vendor store create and sell attractive product packages for their customer.

Marketplace Custom Options

Marketplace Custom Option helps seller add custom options for their products on your marketplace. Also, they can manage their custom product options by themselves

Marketplace Custom Attribute

Marketplace Custom Attribute Plugin allows seller to configure their products with custom attributes

Quote System For Magento2

Magento 2 Marketplace Quote System helps your customers to quote for the products on your marketplace.

Seller Badge For Magento2

Marketplace Seller Badge System helps you add badges for sellers/ vendor based on their performance.


With this Magento 2 Marketplace Seller Slider, seller can set image slider on their profile page with ease.

Marketplace Multi Shipping

Marketplace Multishipping choosing any different shipping service from different sellers in the same order

RMA System for Magento2

Magento 2 Marketplace RMA is a brilliant return merchandise authorization system that helps you take a full control of the process of product returns.


Magento 2 Marketplace Seller Product Search helps your customers to search product within seller store on their collection page.


Magento 2 Marketplace Facebook Live Chat helps you to integrate Facebook Messenger into your marketplace can make the communication in business enhanced remarkably

Magento 2 Marketplace Price Comparison

Magento 2 Marketplace Price Comparison  helps to compare different prices for the same group of products, which brings lots of interesting exxperience for you, sellers and cusstomers.

Additional Best Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Themes


Ves Mohawk

Ves Mohawk- Magento 2 Theme Marketplace for Fashion, Watches, Shoes, Bags.

Ves Evolution

Ves Evolution Magento 2 Marketplace for Electronic Store, Ceramic, Kitchen, etc.

Ves Crafk

Ves Crafk- Magento 2 Furniture Marketplace Theme for Sofa, Salon, Decor, etc.

Ves Eveprest

Ves Eveprest- Magento 2 Marketplace Theme for Fashion store, Handbag, etc.

Ves Owenstore

Ves Owenstore- Magento 2 Marketplace Theme for Men Fashion in luxury style.

Ves Global

Ves Global- Best Magento 2 Marketplace Theme for Supermarket: Vegetable, Fruits, etc

Ves Floristy

Ves Floristy- Magento 2 Marketplace Theme for Floristy, Plants, Garden

Ves Flashshop

Ves Flashshop- Powerful Magento 2 Electronic Theme for Computer, Hardware, ..

Ves Flipcart

Ves Flipcart- Best Magento 2 Supermarket Theme for Computer, Furniture, Pharmacy,

Ves Fresh

Ves Fresh- Best Magento 2 Marketplace Theme for Food and Beverage, Grocery,...

Ves Oshop

Ves Oshop- Magento 2 Marketplace Theme for Fashion Store, Men Fashion

Ves Bishop

Ves Bishop- Magento 2 Marketplace Theme with Digitalstore, Computerstore, Kidstore

Ves Cropshop

Ves Cropshop- Magento 2 Marketplace Theme for Sport, Fashion, Kidstore

Ves Bestmart

Ves Bestmart- Magento 2 Marketplace Theme for Electronics Store, Foodstore,...

Ves Sunbox

Ves Sunbox- Magento 2 Marketplace Fashion Theme for Glasses, Bikini,

Ves Swimwear

Ves Swimwear- Magento 2 Marketplace Theme with swimwear, bikini, underwear,...

Ves Havina

Ves Havina- Best Magento 2 Marketplace Theme for Beauty, Cosmetic, Skincare,...


Magento 2 Marketplace Seller Coupons allows sellers to generate coupons applied on their products to get discount.

Ves Office Furniture

Ves Office Furniture- Magento 2 Marketplace Theme for Furniture, Office Furniture

How To Build Successful MarketPlace Site


Install Magento 2 Site

Magento is the world’s most flexible ecommerce platform to start your marketplace website. You can download it here

Get A Beautiful Magento 2 Themes

When visitor access to your website, the first thing he sees is your theme. A beautiful theme will let the visitor decides to continue viewing your website or not

Install Marketplace Extension

Once you choose our magento 2 marketplace extension, we will help you to install it on your site. We are always here to help

Marketing & Promote Your Site

The last step you need to do is promote your marketplace and make it become as popular as possible. Our extension support you to promote products and seller as well

Create Your Own Marketplace

LOF Magento 2 Marketplace is the easiest way to get up and running your online marketplace.

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