Ordering and Delivery

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To purchase our Extension on Landofcoder, please follow us these steps in Landofcoder Payment Method (https://blog.landofcoder.com/landofcoder-payment-method-guide/)

As usual, after the orders is completed, you will receive a notification “Your order was placed successfully” right on the website and through email. You can log in at Landofcoder and go to “My account” then “My orders” to view your orders’ status.

Poster by: Alena Dao  on  19 Sep 2016

Right after you completed the payment, you will receive an email that contains file and guide for you to download the product immediately.

Poster by: Alena Dao  on  16 Sep 2016

After your payment is successful, we will send you an email receipt with all order and download information. Hence, you can download and then install it for your website.

Furthermore, you are able to instantly download the product from the download area on our site. Just need to login your account and download the item you have purchased: http://landofcoder.com/downloadable/customer/products

Poster by: Alena Dao  on  16 Sep 2016

Simply you just need to contact us and then we will cancel the pending order for you. 

Poster by: Alena Dao  on  16 Sep 2016