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Landofcoder’s Loyalty Program

Save up 30% Bonus for Your New Orders

Extremely & Incredibly save a huge range money from our first orders.

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The more order quantity you order/purchase, the more money saves. The percentage

of discount is raised sharply with the following table.


First Order/Product

  • 3% for $0- $99

  • 5% for $100- $299

  • 7% for $300++


Second Order/Product

  • 10% for $1- $99

  • 15% for $100 - $299

  • 20% for $ 300 ++


Third Order/Product

  • 20% for $1- $99

  • 23% for $100 - $299

  • 25% for $ 300 ++


Seventh Order/Product

  • 25% for $1- $99

  • 28% for $100 - $299

  • 30% for $ 300 ++

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Frequently Asked Question?

Are all the products part of loyalty program?

Yeap, 99% our products is in Loyalty Program (exclude Free Extension). This program will applied for all customers with the specific total (order/product)

How can I purchase with Bonus?

You can apply coupon code for your first order/product. For second order/product, please feel free to contact us & send us your order ID. We will check your order ID and provide Coupon Code for you.

Can I use both discount & get bonus from this order ?

Only one promotion you can apply. Highest discount will be applied in this case.

What happen with our order is refund?

If you have any product/order refund, we will recalculate again your bonus.

If my order has only Free Product, can I get bonus from it?

My answer is No. If your order has only FREE product, you can not get your bonus from it. Hence, your order is containing FREE Product, it doesn’t affect your level. For second order, third order, seventh order, FREE product don’t be applied.

Can reseller/affiliate take part in Loyalty Program?

Reseller/Affiliates are not able to take part in Loyalty Program.

Can I split my order to purchase to get more bonus from your loyalty Program?

Yeah sure. You can do it. For the second orders/product, please feel free to contact us to get coupon code as bonus

How can I get discount?

To get any discount from us, please contact us via live chat and then we will offer a discount code for you.

Get More Bonus for Being Stay with Us

Let's start

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