Seller FAQ

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For an item to be accepted on the LandOfCoder Marketplace it needs to follow the upload instructions and meet our quality standards.

Quality Requirements will be based on the below criteria:

  • How useful the item is
  • The different values of the item on market demand
  • Whether the item contains any potentially offensive content (E.g. Violence, sexual content, offensive language content)
  • The aesthetic value of the item
  • The standard of the item's construction
  • The item's level of customizability

Other Reasons Items Might Not Be Approved

  • If similar items are already in the library.
  • Unique take on a familiar item.
  • If the files are corrupted or we suspect they carry a virus.
  • If the item is difficult to use or implement.
  • If the item does not meet marketplace quality or aesthetic standards.
  • Seller does not provide the right introduction
  • Seller refuse to support the buyers
  • Seller does not include the user guide
  • Seller does not update his profile with right information

Occasionally Review of Files

Occasionally, items on the LandOfCoder Market are reviewed to ensure the library remains up to date with current software and trends. If your item does not pass review, you will receive email notification and your item will become inactive after 30 days.

Legal Requirements

As a Seller you have the responsibility to only sell things that belong to you. By selling an item, you are making an agreement not only with LandOfCoder but with anyone who buys your item that you own full copyright to that item, and have appropriately licensed any auxiliary content that it makes use of.

There are very serious consequences for doing the wrong thing when it comes to copyright so make sure you read this section very carefully and avoid misusing another person’s work. If after reading this section you are still unclear you should contact support to answer any questions you have.

 LandOfCoder takes copyright violation very seriously. If we discover that a work has violated copyright we will ban the Seller from the LandOfCoder Market, freeze any funds made from the sale of that work and in some cases the injured party will take legal action against you – ensure you are aware of the rules.



Poster by: Alena Dao  on  15 Apr 2017

You need to send us your product with its information.

Poster by: Alena Dao  on  15 Apr 2017

Buyer can request a refund case and LandOfCoder staff will work with seller and buyer to determine what should finally work out. One of most happened cases is to refund to the buyer and the sales volumes from Seller will be deducted the same amount to buyer’s credit.

We will keep around $50 deposit on seller earning amount each month, for refunds cases happened after sales. The refund for buyer will be back to buyer account in form of deposit points, not in cash. We refuse refund cash back in any case of seller dispute.

The amounts of the order will be deducted from seller accounts.

Poster by: Alena Dao  on  15 Apr 2017

If a category is oversaturated, that just means the quality standards go up. You’ll have to give it a unique spin or make it much nicer looking for it to be approved.

Poster by: Alena Dao  on  15 Apr 2017

Providing support is a great way to ensure repeat business from buyers. In LandOfCoder Marketplace, we provide the Central Support System, in which the Buyer will open the ticket support to the product very easily and Seller can provide the Private ticket support inside LandOfCoder system.

Therefore, Buyers do not have to go to seller website, create a new account and have to provide each detail of their purchase to get support. If the buyer bought 10 products from 10 sellers, he will get headaches to follow all this stuff process to receive support. Now in LandOfCoder, buyers are the kings and all seller give support consistently.

This is also a way we can give an overall rating for seller support services as this is the key factors when working on Open Sources Market.


Poster by: Alena Dao  on  15 Apr 2017