Support Policy

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Submited issues in tickets should be clear and detailed with screenshots to solve these faster. Each ticket should include each issues related only one product so that we can assign to our supporters easily. In the case the ticket doesn't meet these requirements, it can be refused to resolve. Thanks for your cooperation.

For requirements related to function or integration into custom theme, the ticket can be replied later than usual because these issues can take more time to check and effort to resolve. So, please understand and calm down to wait the response.

  • For the pre-sale question, please feel free to contact us via live chat on Monday to Friday: 8am -5:30pm) or leave offline message, we will give you response immediately.
  • For technical question, you can submit your request to or send your email via Our dev will support you asap.

If it happens, please give us your feedback via live chat or send email to Tell me your issue and what make you dissatisfied with the supporter; then we will give you the best solution for that.

Poster by: Alena Dao  on  16 Sep 2016

You can get support for free products but some fee will be required. Then we will help you handle all tickets within the support scope. The other issues that are out of support scope such as customization or new features will be politely refused

Poster by: Alena Dao  on  16 Sep 2016