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You can use single license for one Magento installation

If you run several domains on the same Magento installation, you can use single extension license. In other words, you have several website that have the same admin panel, you can use single license for that.

In the other hand, if you run each website on different installation of Magento, you need to get different license for each of them.

Poster by: Alena Dao  on  22 Oct 2018

To active license key for Magento2 Extensions, please follow these steps:

  • Login your account -> My downloadable product -> Enter your domain to get a license key. Copy license key
  • Go to Admin Panel -> Manage license -> Paste License Key serials at the box license serials and its status: Valid

To fix soap error,  please follow us these steps here

For all free extensions, no License required, you only need to install this extension for your site. You can use it as normal

Poster by: Alena Dao  on  24 Jul 2017

With each single license, you can take license key for one official domain and multiple Testing/ Staging/ Development. In case, you need to change license key for the new domain. You just need to log in your account > My downloadable product > insert the desired URL

In case you have Testing Domains, production domain or local host, please separate them by a comma.

Poster by: Alena Dao  on  04 Apr 2017