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Customer Quotation For Magento 2

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Negotiate Quotations For The Best Win-Win Deals

Are you selling bulk and specialized product or B2B that you don't want to publicize prices? You need an exceptionally convenient time-saver and a massive money-saver quote extension for Magento 2, right?

With this Magento 2 quote extension, you can manage and create a quote request on the front-end or start quotation from the backend. Also, you can negotiate the price with your customers easier. Your customers can send quotes with custom prices and custom product quantity that can be created quickly. Store admin can offer a special price by adjusting the quote subtotal as a percentage from the backend. LandofCoder Magento 2 Quote Extension also comes with follow-up quote email, department assignment, attaching PDF proposals and much more.

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How Magento 2 Request A Quote Extension Work?

Dealing price and quantities for B2B merchants is always complicated, and the process becomes even more challenging with the online B2B store. 

Therefore, Magento 2 Quote Extension module supports you in adding a price quotation feature into your Magento store which lets your customers quote for prices and quantities easily. In this way, the customer will freely negotiate using this Magento 2 request a quote extension. 

Incredible Features In Advanced Magento 2 Quote System
import quote to csv

From the backend, store admins are allowed to import data of a quote via csv file

export quote to csv

Beside importing ability, the admin also can export any quotation in short time.

choose shipping method in admin

There are multiple options of shipping methods including rates that admin can choose for a quote.

requote in frontend

For pendings quote, customers can view, re-quote or cancel instantly from ''My Quotes''.

filter quote in list

In the Customer Dashboard, customers can filter quotes based on id, product name, status quickly.

print quote to pdf

Customers can print their quotations and save as PDF.

estimate shipping rate and tax

The quote system allows any customers to estimate shipping rates and tax rates for their quotes on frontend

show price and tax on admin quote

Store admins can see added products' price with tax of each quote in the backend.

support multi currency

You are able to select a currency when creating a new quote for your customer.

display billing address on quote frontend

On the frontend, when customer view details of a quote, they also can see their information of billing address and shipping address.

Magento 2 request for quote with rest api support
[New] REST API Support

Are you looking for REST API to allow other apps to connect with your data with ease? Magento 2 request for quote extension provides with API to support to associate with 3rd-party software easily. You will get the rest api free after you purchase the module.

With the support of Rest Api, the quote module allows:

  • Get guest quote
  • Add product to quote on frontend
  • Submit quote on frontend
  • Get list quotes of logged in customer
  • Get quote info of logged in customer
  • Convert quote to cart
  • Accept quote on backend
  • Get list quotes on backend
  • View quote info on backend

A Smart Solution For B2B ( Business to Business) Customers

Convert to Request for Quote

In the shopping cart page, shoppers can convert all items in the current cart to request for quote list quickly by clicking on the button ''Convert to Request for Quote''. Then, they can customize the price and qty, add note for each item, clear quote or update quote if they want.

magento 2 quote convert items in cart to request for quote
Ajax add to quote
Ajax Add To Quote

Magento 2 Quote Extension supports "Ajax Add To Quote" that makes the submission process become much easier and comfortable. Customers can add products to quote in a click without loading the page again. Give your customers a chance to suggest their new suitable price to increase the customer's retention and loyalty.


Easy To Use Add to Quote

Magento 2 quotation system is really simple to use. Your customers can create, send and manage for the quote within a few clicks. No coding knowledge required, great UI and UX help you to decrease significantly cart abandonment rate.

Easy To Use Add to Quote
Add Note/ Comment For Each Product
Add Note/ Comment For Each Product

Like the Price section, our Magento 2 quote extension offer note/comment section that your customer can send you all the details you need to provide them with an accurate cost estimate for their project. With this function, you also can ask for more related-product information.

Live Editor For The Product Price

Request for quote Magento 2 extension is also easy for customers to enter the custom price per product. The live editor allows you to edit price visually and directly. With this function, you can free to adjust the price for the best bargain ever. No more concern on price anymore! 

Live Editor For Price
Automate Request For Quote Process
Automate Request For Quote Process

Now you can offer your customers an automatic RFQ process. When a client submits RFQ, both admin and your customers are notified by email. From the admin panel of the Magento 2 quote module, store owners can create approve, reject and create order right away.

Make Remarks For The Whole Quotation

Customer quotation for Magento 2 makes it easy to make a remark for your Quotation for your message you want to send to owners. Sellers can definitely see your negotiation note with this helpful highlight function and quickly give you a response.

Make a Remarks For The Whole Quotation
Easy to Check Quote Request Process
Easy to Check Quote Request Process

With a request for quote Magento 2 extension, customers can log in to their accounts to check quote requests. At the same time, they can get an email notification for RFQ (Request for Quotation) status changes. It helps online shoppers can get immediate replies from shop owners as quickly as possible.

Admin Adjusts The Price For All Items In The Quote

If you want to offer some special price for customers when purchasing your product, you can adjust the price for all items in a quote from the backend. With the quote module, store admin is allowed to apply a subtotal proposal as a percentage, then the quote totals will be discounted correspondingly.

Live Editor For Price
We Are Offering This Package!

Get a bundle with an additional extension and save up to $50

Magento 2 Quote extension works smoothly and brings advanced features with Magento 2 Hide Price Extension. So, what your Magento 2 store will have?

By installing this package, the admin can disable ordering and hide price based on the specific customer groups, particular product/ category or limited guest visitor. 

Customizes the " Add to Cart" button with diverse call-to-action messages ( Add to Quote, Login as wholesale, etc) for not logged in visitors or the guests to encourage them taking further actions! This way you'll better understand customer demands and flexibly adjust your pricing strategy.

Save Time & Create Better B2B Price Proposals!

Easily Enable / Disable Quotation Section For Each Product
Easily Enable / Disable Quotation Section For Each Product

The Magento quote extension allows admin to enable or disable the "Quotation Section". The useful feature helps admin to select between fixing or modifying product prices. If sellers want to encourage and support customers buying in bulk, they can add this section on their virtual store; if they would like to fix all prices or simplify.

Enter Custom Prices Per Product

With our Magento 2 Quotation Extension, the customer can easily add the custom price for products to buy in bulk. Moreover, they can enter custom prices for each product and track their requests from the account and fastly convert quotes into the shopping carts.

Enter custom prices per product
Add or delete products from the quote request
Add/Delete Products From The Quote Request

Magento 2 quote order is also easy for your customers to add or delete products from the quote request. It assists customers to be comfortable to add in or remove any items in the negotiation process. If customers accidentally add an undesired product, there is no worry for easily deleting it from Quote Request. 

Front-end Display | Engage Potential Buyers In Negotiating Price!

Display On HomePage, Search Page & Other Pages
Display On HomePage, Search Page & Others

The Admin can easily display the " Add to Quote" button for products on other pages like HomePage, Search Page, Product detail page, etc. Customers will never take time on seeking the Quotation Request section anymore. Equip the Magento 2 store with a handy CTA button from any web page!

All Magento Product Types Supported

Magento 2 quote system supports:

  • Grouped Products
  • Simple Products
  • Configurable Products
  • Virtual Products
  • Bundled Products,
  • Downloadable Products
  • Etc ...

Any types of products now are added more simply than ever. Customers can tick or untick any items on the list of quotation requests.

All Magento product types supported
Supports responsive web design and works flawlessly together with Magento's Luma theme
Responsive with Web Design & Magento's Luma Theme

The Magento 2 quote module is fully compatible with standard Magento 2 theme and works flawlessly together with Magento's Luma theme. With this flexible feature, admins are unlimited in opting and utilizing numerous Magento 2 and Magento’s Luma theme which are provided available on LandOfCoder websites as well.

Internationalization & Localization

Our Magento 2 Quote Extension makes it easy to build an internationalized and localized quote section to the languages your customers are using. Hundreds of languages are available for customers’ choices. If you purchase from the overseas stores, it is completely possible for you to select your mother tongue in the Quote Request section instead of the language shown in-store.

Internationalization & Localization

Create, Send & Manage Magento 2 Quote Extension Quickly & Easily

Convert Quote To Order Using The Admin Panel

Both admin and customers can convert the quote to an order in a single click and process the order as the normal Magento 2 workflow. Whenever admins accept and change quote requests of the customer to order, you can find it super-easy with a blink of an eye with this function.

Customer Can Convert Quote to Order Easily on Frontend

With Magento 2 quote to order, just one click need. Customers can convert their quotes to order quickly on their dashboard at the frontend. No more difficulty if customers want to make up their mind to purchase, they can change from quotation to order request. 

Magento 2 Quote Extension - Customer Can Convert Quote to Order Easily on Frontend
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Magento 2 quote extension attributes allow:

  • Send Beautiful Emails
  • Send reminder notification

That helps admin out a lot to greet and welcome customers to their online store. Besides, store owners can approach and offer many good sales for potential customers having a demand for massive purchases.

[New] Create Quote In The Backend

Our Magento 2 quote extension support you to create a quote in the backend. Then, the system will automatically send email notifications for the customer. When customers accept, you will convert the quote into order for your customers. You are now quickly approaching and offering the best deals for your customers

Convert a quote request to order using the admin panel
[New] Send email notification to customer when the Quote is updated

Magento 2 quote system auto sends a notification when the quote is:

  • Canceled
  • Reviewed
  • Expired
  • Change Expired Date

It is time-saving for buyers not having to daily enter the store’s website and look for any reply. Customers now log in to the mailbox at the workplace, by the way, they receive shop owner’s responses. 

[NEW] Add Tax for Quote

Admin can set tax for the quote at the backend and displayed it on the Product detail page. Some locations require tax payment for products buying in huge quantities Register used now effortlessly add obligatory tax percent and the tax amount for each item and it is shown in the product information for customer reviews. 

[NEW] Add Tax for Quote
Ease to show Total Quote Table
Ease To Show Total Quote Table

Show total quote table at the backend and frontend in neat and interesting. After submitting a quote, customers can see a total of quote include tax. Admins also find it easier to calculate profit from the total price to come to a decision of accepting or rejecting the customer’s quotation request. 

Quick Manager from the Back-End

Our Magento 2 quote extension enables admin to:

  • Search for specific requests or customers
  • Change Request Status
  • Export to CSV/ XML File
  • Edit or Delete Request

All managerial functions support register users in receiving, replying and sending back customer quotation requests. Additionally, admins have a right to edit or remove this request button.

Quick Manager - Magento 2 Quote Extension
Fast Speed
Fast speed with Magento Block Caching

It is never slow down your speed. Also, the extension support Magento block caching that helps to speed up your site significantly. You are no more waiting for site loading in experiencing online shopping because you can smoothes and quicken your every single click-through. 

Full Magento 2 Customers Quotation Features

  • 100% Responsive Customers Quotation Features
  • Fully customizable
  • Easy browsing for customers
  • Ajax add to quote
  • Easy To Use Add to Quote
  • Add Note/ Comment For Each Product
  • Live Editor For Price
  • Automate Request For Quote Process
  • Make a Remarks For The Whole Quotation
  • Easy to Check Quote Request Process
  • Easily Enable / Disable Quotation Section For Each Product
  • Enter custom prices per product
  • Add or delete products from the quote request
  • Display On HomePage, Search Page & Other Pages
  • All Magento product types supported
  • Quick Manager: search quote, change status, export & import, edit or delete request.
  • [NEW] Add Tax for Quote
  • [New] REST API Support
  • [New] Convert to Request for Quote
  • [NEW] Allow export/import quote via csv file
  • [NEW] Choose shipping method on quote admin without bugs
  • [NEW] Quickly requote on frontend
  • Fast speed with Magento Block Caching
  • Admin adjust price for all items in quote
  • Free Installation Service
  • Ease to show Total Quote Table
  • Add Tax for Quote
  • Supports responsive web design and works flawlessly together with Magento's Luma theme
  • Internationalization & Localization
  • Convert a quote request to order using the admin panel
  • Quick Manager
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • [New] Create Quote In The Backend
  • [New] Send email notification to customer when the Quote is updated
  • Customer Relationship Management: send beautiful emails, send reminder notification.
  • [NEW] Filter quotes in quote list from customer dashboard
  • [NEW] Print quote pdf on frontend
  • [NEW] Allow to estimate shipping rates & tax rates on frontend
  • [NEW] Show price with tax on admin quote
  • [NEW] Support multi currency for quote
  • [NEW] Display billing address when view quote on frontend
  • 100% Open source
  • Detail Document
  • Free Update

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Module code is completely open that means anyone can customize the code as per his / her need , as the developer of the module we also provide customisation and development of the module please contact us for module customisation

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Customer quotation helps me connect more with my clients
5/14/2017 By Mega Bite
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very , very easy for me and my customer to deal
5/13/2017 By Nick
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  • Usefulness
Love all quote email, department assignment and attaching PDF proposals
5/2/2017 By Nguyen
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add to cart and add to quote are very cool things
3/25/2017 By Ming Yang
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