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Magento 2 Reward Points - Loyalty Program


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M2 Reward Points

Magento 2 Reward Points - Loyalty Program

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Magento 2 Reward Points Question


The market has become competitive and the customers also become more difficult to satisfy!!

You are very likely to lose customers if you offer an increased cost for your products & service without any actual and noticeable value, if you provide them a poorly-executed personalized online experience, if you pay little or no attention to the society as well as the environment, and if you offer no Magento 2 loyalty program for your Magento store. There’s a high chance that your customers will turn to your competitors and it’s a serious loss for your business.

Magento 2 Reward Points solution


With Magento 2 Reward Points, you are now given a chance to attract new customers, retain old customers and make them come back to your store for more privileges.

By making use of Magento 2 customer loyalty extension, you can reward customers who come to your Magento online store in multiple ways, giving them the necessary benefits and turn them into your frequent and loyal customers. In that sense, you can drive purchase and reap tremendous benefits.

magento 2 enterprise reward points

Customer loyalty - in its most basic meaning, is a customer’s desire to repeatedly buy from a specific brand as a result of great shopping experience and convenience in transactions.

It is evident that 5% of customer retention can lead to a 25% to 100% of profit increases for your store. And you can also achieve this by providing your customers with privileges:

  • Free merchandise
  • Coupons / Rewards / Discounts
  • Access to unreleased products

With Magento 2 loyalty points extension, you can not only strengthen customer retention but can also attract new customers via referrals and increase customer lifetime value. Moreover, this Magento 2 extension can also help you to gain insight into your customer’s experience and make them feel more satisfied with the service you provide them.

magento 2 enterprise reward points features

[ NEW] Support earning points per time & date

reward customer by multi ways

Magento 2 Reward Points support to create a reward points rule which includes time and date at the same time.

From now customers will buy products to earn reward points in different timestamps in a day with a rule that the admin created.

For example: "A rule- people who buy a product between 7 pm to 9 pm on Sundays will earn extra reward points"

[New] Reward points supported by REST API

If you want to integrate this Magento 2 Reward Points plugin with 3rd party softwares via using an API, you are supported now. This extension allows you to integrate all the features with Rest API.
magento 2 reward points rest api support
magento 2 enterprise reward points features

Your Visitors Can Be Rewarded In Multiple Ways

earning points per time and date
With Magento 2 Reward Points, you can reward your customers in multiple ways and gain their satisfaction, namely:
  • Reward for purchase item in bulk
  • Reward for purchasing some specific products
  • Reward for lifetime sale
  • Reward for total order
  • Reward for shipping address
  • Reward for subscriptions
  • Reward for review and rating
  • Reward for wishlist
  • Reward for sign in
  • Reward for signs up
  • Reward for adding a product review
  • Reward for special events
  • Reward for Facebook Like
  • Reward for Facebook Share
  • Reward for Twitter Tweet
  • Reward for Google Like
  • Reward for Pinterest Pin
  • Reward for customers
  • Reward by Refer to Friend
  • Much more

Apply pre-made events

Create Multiple Premade Events Based On Customers Behaviors

Magento 2 Loyalty Program offers the Magento 2 store owners with a lot of pre-designed events to apply to earning rules. These events are all created based on customer’s behaviours and are easy to use:

  • Customer signs up
  • Newsletter sign up
  • Customer writes a product's review
  • Customer birthday
  • Facebook like
  • Facebook share
  • Twitter Tweet
  • Google Like
  • Pinterest Pin
Reward points magento 2 Multiple premade events
Set up reward points rules

Choose how many points for each order via various ways

Set up the reward points rule

With Magento 2 loyalty extension, your customers will find it easy and simple to determine how many points they want to spend on each order.

The extension, in general, support them in doing this via 3 major ways: They can decide on the points through:

  1. Ticking the box “maximize discounts with points”
  2. Entering number
  3. Pulling slider.

Freely Set Different Spending Point Rate & Earning Point Rate

Through using Magento 2 Reward Points FREE, Magento merchants can choose which specific products they want to apply point rewarding to and also the particular number of points they want to give to such specific products.

magento 2 reward points extension free set spending point

Improvise between various types of earning rate

Create Various Earning Rating Reward Points

With LOF Magento 2 reward points extension, Magento store owners can create multiple ratings for different items that customers buy from your Magento store. It illustrates this, you can give the customers 1 point for each $10 spent on your website. Moreover, you can choose from one of these 4 above as long as it suits your Magento 2 Loyalty Program.

  • Give X points for the customers
  • Give X points for every $Y spends on your website
  • Give X points as the product’s final price
  • Give X% points of the original price of the product.

Add reward point for any specific product & multiple products

If you’re worrying that LOF reward points for Magento 2 is hard to use as you’ve never used this product before, please rest assured knowing that this Magento 2 loyalty points is extremely easy to use.

In just one click of your mouse, you can choose any products you want to apply points to. Moreover, there’s no limitation in adding reward points to any given products on your website, meaning you can add reward points to as many products as you want.

Selecting products in bulk is also one of the outstanding features of Magento 2 Reward Points. With this function, your experience regarding working on the Magento system will be significantly enhanced.

Add reward points to specific, multiple products

Create orders for customers in backend using points

Create orders for customers in backend using reward points

Without any restriction, you can also create orders for the customers who come to your store in the backend using points.

The possibility of this Magento 2 Loyalty program is unlimited.

Set Max / Min points earned or spent for each product

Apart from establishing orders for the customers using points, you can also set a limit level for points earning and spending of the customers.

In other words, you can set a maximum or minimum number of point a customer can earn as well as spend on any product.

Set Max points earned or spent for each product

Earn points right after placing orders at your store

Earn points right after placing orders at your store

Via applying Magento 2 Reward Points for your Magento store, you will enable customers to earn points after placing an order at your store.

You can attract more customers to come to make a purchase and get reward points thanks to the prominent display of essential information. However, that’s not the end of the story. With Magento 2 Reward Points, your customers can view their “reward points” on different pages and from a different position. They can view it at the shopping cart, at the mini cart, at checkout page or at the detailed pages.

magento 2 reward points extension free

Come With Simple & Transparent Interface

The neat and clean interface of Magento 2 Reward Points will enable the customers to see their recent transactions and keep track of their point balance in Account Dashboard.
magento 2 enterprise reward points Simple & transparent interface

Advanced, But User-Friendly Configuration

Advanced User-Friendly Configuration

Thanks to this user-friendly Magento 2 loyalty program extension, you can take control of everything that happens to your loyalty program with ease as everything is organized in a tidied way to help achieve quicker and better configuration.

In addition to this, there’re many other options that you can choose from in order to create a complete and comprehensive affiliate program as you expect.

Export Point Easily by CSV, Excel XML file

Magento 2 Reward Points extension allows the Magento 2 store owners to export customer’s point balance records directly in CSV file format and in Excel XML file format for convenient further calculation.

Export and import reward Points

[New] Import Customer Points via CSV

Magento 2 reward points - import customer points via csv file

From the admin dashboard, please go to LOF Reward Points -> Settings -> Import Customer Points. You are able to import CSV file of your customers' reward points. What you need to do is:

  • Uploadyour own CSV file of customer points
  • Input the delimiter to to read data of that CSV file

Support You To Get Higher Ranking & SEO Optimized

As you may know, website with reward point often get well rank on Search Engine. Support well for SEO Optimization your Reward Point Page. Let's make your site popular and get high rank on Google Research.
Higher Ranking & SEO Optimized
Management magento 2 reward points extension

Keep Cash In Store Thanks To Refunding By Points

Refund By Points

Using this magento 2 reward points extension, store owners can choose to refund all of the points the customers have spent or just a part of them.

Point Transaction Management

In the admin panel, the Magento store owners can track the details of transactions including created time, used points, point balance and status and so on.

Magento 2 Reward Points management
magento 2 reward points free extension

Quick and simple to spend points

The process of spending and earning points is really simple and fast. Help your customer enjoy it!
Get Point Fast

Track Point & Other Info in My Account

Track information in

This Magento 2 Reward Points extension is not only beneficial to the Magento store owners but is also good for the customers since it helps them to keep track of their account, point balance or transaction records, etc.

In 'Customer Account', the customers can gain detailed insights into theirs:

  • Accounts Dashboard
  • My Reward Points
  • Transaction History
  • Your Balance Brief tutorials for 'How you can earn points', 'How you can spend points' and 'How your points can be managed'.

Earn Points by Refer to Friends

This feature of Magento 2 Reward Points will allow a customer to transfer their rewarded points to their friend via using “Refer to Friend”.

It's a brilliant way to retain customers as well as to attract more potential customers to your Magento store as it enables the customers and also the friends of the customers to exchange points and gain points to make a purchase on your website wisely.

Refer Reward Points to friends

Spend And Earn Reward Points At Once

Spend And Earn Reward Points At Once

This feature will support the customers in earning and spending their reward points at the same time.

This basically means that when customers spend their reward points on a current purchase of a product, they also earn reward points through this spending simultaneously.

Magento 2 Reward Points Transfer

You can directly transfer point for your customer without any limit. In the management area, you can track tranfer process

Limit reward points customers can earn

With Reward Points Behavior Rule, you can limit the number of points that customer can earn by date, month or year

Buy products with points

In some cases, you need to hide price and sell products by points only to encourage customers accumulate points at your stores. Our extension allow you to enable this features as your expectation

Reward On Multiple Loyalty Levels

There are unlimited Loyalty Levels you can offer for your customer. Freely set ratings for any specific products or group of products. Multiple rules support, too.

Redeem Point Options On Checkout Page

Customer can redeem points for future purchase. Moreover, this extension support you to use reward code conveniently.

Point With Expery & Set Duration for Point

Besides, you can set duration for both spending & earning point

Reward Coupons

In case your customers haven't created an account yet, they can get a discount code that is equal to point instead.

4 Types of earning rules

Including: Product -based rules, behavior-based rules, cart-based rules, catalog-based rule

Add or deduct reward points
Magento 2 Reward points edit store view

For different store view, you can change almost all of the point information in order to match your store best.

Easy to use rewards rules

Launch loyalty program for your store at your ease.

How to spend and earn point

In customer's account reward, you can show how to earn points and how to earn. This short tutorial will be helpful for new customers, right?

Product based rules

You want to promote a new product. Simply click to choose that product and define the number of points in " Product Earning Point"

Behavior based rule

You want your customers to like or share your post. Simply create behavior-based rules as following: ‘Like our fan page a receive 5 Points’ or ‘Share with your friend to receive 3 Points"

Cart-Based rule

You want to promote a product with cart based rule, set the Conditions and define the number of points, a customer gets the item with points: Eg "Order 2 Items To Earn 100 Points!"

Catalog based rule

Catalog Based rule enables your Customers to earn & spend points for specific products based on product attributes

Email Noti and update reward points

EIf there is any changes in customer point balance, notification email will be automatically sent to your email address and customer's email address.

Flexible Spending Rules

Besides, you can create flexible spending rules. The point information will be shown on Product Listing, Product Detail page and Checkout page, cart page, etc

 Magento 2 reward points Report Plugin

Including report Dashboard, report for Order, report for Customers, report for Products, report for Earned Points, report for Spent Points

Full Magento 2 Reward Points Extension Features

  • Earn points right after placing orders at your store
  • Spending Points With Ease
  • Create Various Earning Rating
  • Choose how many points for each order via various ways
  • Track information in "My account"
  • Create Various Earning Rating
  • Earn points by Refer to Friends
  • Add reward point for any specific product & multiple products
  • Create orders for customers in backend using points
  • Freely Set Different Spending Point Rate & Earning Point Rate
  • Easy To Edit for Different Store View
  • Set Duration for The Reward Point
  • Admin can manage customer points or lock customer account
  • Fast speed with Magento Block Caching
  • Create point-based loyalty program
  • Admin can add or deduct points from Customers’ balances manually
  • Automatically send email to customers before their points is overdue
  • Transact Point To Customer Directly
  • Set Max points earned or spent for each product
  • Refund By Points
  • Spending Rating
  • Get Discount Code if Customer doesn't have account yet
  • Send Notification Email & Auto Update Info If There are any changes.
  • Support multiple stores
  • Support multiple languages
  • Support multi currency according to stores
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Open source 100%

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  • Can work with others' discount
  • Check issue product data before processing the reward rule
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