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Magento 2 Guest To Customer


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Magento 2 Guest To Customer



Why Offer Magento 2 Guest To Customer?
  • Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer boosts 65% conversion rate to your website and minimum the number of abandoned carts because of account registration.
  • This extension also facilitates mobile shoppers because each extra step in the checkout process will make it inconvenient for them.
  • It let the buyers go directly to the payment process without any registration forms. It means there is nothing that presents, distracts and annoys your potential customers and makes them think again about their purchasing decision.
  • In reality, all necessary information is gotten while the customers carry out the guest checkout process. However, the working flow will make checkout seem to be easier and have less to work with Magento 2 Guest To Customer
  • You can still provide a registration option to your customers. The buyers can create an account to get a connection with shop owners and get some attractive profits.
GUEST CHECKOUT - The Shortest Path To Users' Hearts

Magento 2 Guest to Customer skips all the steps of the checkout flow to make their purchases and go directly to the Review Order page.

This extension automatically ( or manually - you can choose between 2 options) converts any guest order and transfers all order information over as a registered customer.
Notifying the new user on how to access their created account, Magento 2 Assign Guest Order To Customer allows the customer to log in, go to the dashboard and check their previous order information.

How does Guest to Customer for Magento 2 work?


Automatically Convert

Magento 2 Guest to customer - Auto Convert

Manually Convert

Magento 2 Guest to Customer - Manual Convert

Make a purchase with or without an account

With Magento 2 Guest to Customer, the customers are able to:

  • Create an account to shop
  • Checkout as a guest and still be able to make a purchase

This Magento 2 extension provides both customers and the store owners with a comprehensive solution for smart online shopping.
If the clients are more happy with creating an account, they can do it.
If they don’t want it in order to avoid wasting time or receiving spam or to avoid data insecurity, they can choose to checkout as a guest to simplify as well as fasten the checkout process.

Auto Create an account after the guest checkout is completed

After the customer is successful with login as a guest and place order to make a purchase (and this process only takes up a few minutes), an account is automatically created.

Automatic features come in handy especially when the numbers of customers and the jobs that have to do with them are enormous and time-consuming.

Link the old orders to registered customers

One disadvantage of Magento’s default Guest Checkout is that it does not enable the Magento store admins and the customers to view previous orders, which makes it one of the biggest obstacles in facilitating customers to re-order.

Magento 2 Guest to Customers can link the old orders to the according to customer account after the guest customer has been converted to the registered customer. Moreover, next time if the customer places an order with an email but does not proceed to login, the order can still be recognized and assigned to the customer’s account.

Convert guest to a customer on the order grid

After the customer’s successful checkout as a guest, Magento 2 Guest to Customer will generate an account and such an account will be automatically saved to the order grid for easier management.

Here at the Guest Management grid, you can convert them into registered customers automatically or manually on your will.

Convert guest to customer button on the edit section

On the edit section of Magento 2 Guest to Customer, Magento store admin can see the button for converting guests to the customer, which is an extremely convenient feature for saving time and effort.

Convert guests to customers in bulk

It could be an easy job if you just have to convert a few to a few dozens of customers to registered customers, but it would be a pain if you have to do so to hundreds or thousands of guest customers.

To solve that problem, Landofcoder has created Magento 2 Guest to Customer extension that allows Magento store owners to convert guest to registered customers in bulk to save time and effort.

Change customer information in the order

Magento 2 Guest to Customer allows the Magento merchants to manage customer’s information in the Guest grid.

Send notification to customers about their new account

As soon as the guest account is converted to register a customer account, an email notification about the account will be automatically sent to the customers via their provided email.
Vendors on Magento can choose to write their own email or choose to use the available email template provided by the module.

Assign registered accounts to a suitable group

Magento 2 Guest to Customer will enable the Magento store owner to assign registered accounts to specific groups for easier management of the customer’s account and data.

Allow store to save billing data for the next order

Billing data of customers are automatically saved and stored all thanks to the smart module. This smart feature is very helpful, especially when it helps customer’s reordered process to happen more easily and smoother.

Change the customer assigned to the particular order

In Order & Account Information, Magento store admin can change account information such as customer name or the customer which was assigned to each specific order. This is a plus features that will help Magento merchants a lot

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