The FAQ page is an important part of any eCommerce site, and with the help of our Magento 2 FAQs, you can create an FAQ page of your own to suit any of your business goals.

This module helps to create an informative and even SEO-friendly FAQ page to address common questions for the customers. The customers that come to your store can find it much more convenient when they come to your Magento 2 store.

FAQ extension for Magento 2 is the part of Business Kit and loyalty program.

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FAQ Extension for Magento 2


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FAQ Extension for Magento 2

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Compatible with latest version magento 2.4
Magento 2 FAQ Questions

During the working process as a Magento online store owner, it may not be uncommon to encounter a situation in which the customers keep asking the same questions about the products or about the services over and over again. It might be normal for the customers to ask what they still feel confused about, but repeated questions make you and your staffs feel frustrated as you have to spend a lot of effort and time answering them again and again.

This inconvenience will take away the productivity and the efficiency in the work performance of your business and it may even lead to some latent risks you may not know about. However, setting up an FAQ on every page of your store might lead to duplicate contents and your website, as a result, might not be appreciated by the search engine.

Magento 2 FAQ Answer


Magento 2 FAQ Extension create an informative FAQ page to address and answer the customers who come to your store the most frequently asked questions. This can make the shopping experience for the customers much easier and smoother since they won’t have to reach for your brand for a question and then have to wait for a while to have an answer. Duplicate content won’t be a problem anymore since FAQ extension for Magento 2 can help the Magento 2 store admin in building an independent Knowledge Base page.

Moreover, by regularly updating the content for the questions and answers and also by letting the customers ask and answer the questions, you can boost the ranking of your website on search engines & increase the accessibility and reputation of your brand to a broader range of customers.

Benefits of Magento 2 FAQ Extension
Magento 2 FAQ Extension benefits
  • The Magento 2 store owners can customize the category look, add image and the category to the page as their will to make an FAQ page of their expectation.
  • By allowing the customers to ask and answer questions, the content on your page can be updated regularly. This property is appreciated by the search engine and it can help your page to achieve a higher rank.
  • With the feature that allows the customer to rate the helpfulness of the FAQ page, you can increase the reliability and trust for the customers and therefore increase the professionalism for your store.
Magento 2 FAQ Extension builds 5292 forms
Mobile Optimized

In the mobile era, mobiles become more popular and important in our life. So this Magento 2 FAQ Extension is applied for the mobile-friendly website which brings convenience for both customers and owners benefits. Thanks to being fully Responsive and Mobile Optimization, this FAQ module for Magento 2 will display your FAQ Pages perfectly on any kind of screens. Hence, user experience and customer shopping experience will be improved significantly.

Magento 2 FAQ Extension mobile optimize
Magento 2 FAQ features
Responsive Appealing & Customizable Interface

Responsive, beautiful & customizable interface

One of the most outstanding features by Magento 2 FAQ is that it comes with a responsive and highly customizable interface. With it, the Magento 2 store owners are free to create the page of their expectations with several layouts that are beautiful and attractive.

Magento 2 FAQ Extension - Responsive Appealing & Customizable Interface
Magento 2 FAQ Extension - Show FAQ Easily on Product Page
Show FAQ Easily on Product Page

On any product page, the customers want to go to, they can add questions about things they want to know about the products and view the answer for any questions they want to know with our FAQ extension for Magento 2.

With Magento 2 FAQ, we’re confident that we can help you to achieve the most convenient shopping experience for your online Magento 2 store.

Add Unlimited FAQs

You can create as many FAQs as you want to answer customer's question. In the FAQ section you can add:

  • Question Title
  • Category/ Tags
  • Store View
  • Answer
  • Creation Time
  • Select Date
  • Is Featured
  • Status
  • Position
  • Like / dislike
Nice FAQ Page: Beautiful & Customizable User Interface
Magento 2 FAQ Extension - Easy to change position of FAQs & categories
Flexible To Change Position of FAQ & Categories
That's very flexible to change the order of Frequent Asked and Questions & Categories.
All-powerful Searching Device Gives Precise Results
Our Magento 2 FAQ module allows customers to search question & answer by entering the keyword in the search box. Advanced Search questions and answers intuitively based on content, tag, keyword...
Magento 2 FAQ Extension - All-powerful Searching Device Gives Precise Results
FAQ for magento 2 - Hightlight The Most Frequently Asked Questions At The Top of FAQ page
Most frequently asked questions at the top of FAQ page

Our Magento 2 FAQ will allow the most frequently-asked questions to appear at the top of the FAQ page.

With these features, the customers can save time searching for the basic questions and you can also increase their satisfaction with your website.

View detailed answers with expand/ collapse features

With our FAQ extension for Magento 2, you are enabled to create a much neater FAQ page by making use of the expand and collapse answer. If a customer wants to see more of the content in the answer, they can click “read more” to see and vice versa.

This feature helps you to achieve a much neater and well-organized FAQ page to save up space.

Magento 2 FAQ Extension - View answers with Expand/ Collapse feature
Magento 2 FAQ Extension - Astonishing & Amazing Ajax Live Research
Ajax live search based on content/ keyword/ tag

Our Magento 2 FAQ is equipped with amazing Ajax Live Search that can help the customer who comes to your store to search for questions and answer easily.

In particular, they can use keywords, content or tag to search in a much quicker and more convenient way.

Easily create unlimited topics & categories

The Magento 2 store owners are supported to create an unrestricted number of FAQ and categories.

You will be allowed to create, manage and edit FAQ as well as categories in the most suitable way you want to achieve your business goal.

Magento 2 FAQ Extension - Easily Create Unlimited Topics & Categories on Backend
Enable direct link for specific keyword
Enable direct link for specific keyword

This feature by Magento 2 FAQ is a simple, quick and smart way for the Magento 2 store owners to send the URL link of the answers to the customer without having to copy the old questions.

This will also help your Magento 2 store to improve your site ranking on the search engine

Ajax submit form: add question with nice popup

After the customers click “Add a question”, a nice popup will appear with the basic question form.

The customer can then submit their question with ajax easily without having to move to anywhere else to do this task.

Multiple beautiful layouts & styles

You’re given multiple attracting and eye-catching layouts for your FAQ. These alluring layouts will help you to create the look and the appearance you want for your FAQ page. These layouts can be about:

✔️ Accordion
✔️ Simple
✔️ List
✔️ Grid
✔️ Category

Place FAQs anywhere using FAQ blocks

By using FAQ blocks (most viewed, newest FAQ block, etc) & the help of widget, you can place your FAQ on any place of your Magento 2 online store.

Moreover, you are free to choose whichever type of widget you want from most viewed to the newest FAQ block.

Sort Questions & Answers into different categories
Live editor

Change font size, text color, background color, border color: With our FAQ extension for Magento 2, you are given the right to edit your FAQ page as you desire.

Specifically, you can change the font size, text color, background color as well as border color to whichever style you want to achieve the business look you want it to have.

Sort Questions & Answers Into Different & Diverse Categories
Let customer find FAQ easily based on categories by Sort Questions & Answers into different categories
Sort Questions & Answers into different categories
Improve SEO score
Quickly improve SEO score

Help to improve the SEO score for the website is one of the most outstanding features.

With FAQ Extension for Magento 2, Magento 2 store owners can put the title, meta description and meta keyword for multiple stores at the same time.

Well-organized content
You can find it easy to arrange each question by change the order of question in the admin panel
FAQ sorting by change the order as per setup in admin
Improve SEO score
Change question icon as your expectation
On Magento 2 FAQ, the Magento 2 store admins are free the change the question icons to whichever they like to suit their business purpose.
Multiple animations effects supported

Equipped with multiple animation effects.

With these effects, the Magento 2 store admins will be able to attract more of the customers’ attention

Easy to manage in the backend
[New] Add Question tag
Softly add question tags
Our magento 2 faq module allows you to add question tags for each question easily.
[ New] Interesting Question Vote

Like or Dislike

In the frontend, Magento 2 store owners can integrate the Like/Dislike feature for the answers under the FAQ while in the backend, they can manage the number of likes and dislikes each comment have. This feature can increase the credibility for your FAQs.

[New] Question Vote: Like or Dislike
[New] Social Networks Integrated
[ New] Social networks fully integrated

Magento 2 FAQ will allow the customers to connect with the most popular Social Networking Sites nowadays such as Facebook, Twitters, Pinterest, etc.

Moreover, they can also share the content directly to more than 220 social platforms.

Multiple & Eye-catching FAQ Page Layouts
  • List
  • Grid
  • List Category
  • Grid Category
[New] Add Question tag
Import & Export FAQs
Quickly import & export data
  • Export/Import sample of module
  • Export/Import CMS Page
  • Export/Import CMS Static Block
  • Export/Import Widget
Safe recaptcha setting
Protect your website from spamming and other types of automated abuse with reCaptcha
Recaptcha Setting
Fast Speed
Fast speed with Magento Block Caching
It is never slow down your speed. Also, the extension support Magento block caching that helps to speed up your site significantly
Enjoy Amazing Customer Experience With Us
What customer experiences you really want to get? happiness, sadness, joy, fear, interest, anger, or trust? Coming with us, you will get the most enjoyable customer experiences. Our dedicated support team always here to help if you have any issue.
Import & Export FAQs

Full Magento 2 FAQ Extension Features

  • Enable direct link for specific keyword
  • Optimized for Mobiles
  • Easy to change position of FAQs & categories
  • View all FAQ on single page
  • Easily search the question based on categories
  • Highlight the most frequent asked questions
  • Show FAQ tab and list FAQ
  • Single click to expand or collapse
  • Search question and answer by keyword
  • Easy to submit questions
  • View most common FAQs on category pages’ sidebar
  • Email notification when customers submit their questions
  • Option design for FAQ page and widget
  • Ajax submits form
  • Import & export data
  • Fast speed with Magento Block Caching
  • Advanced Search questions and answers intuitively based on content, tag, keyword
  • Easy to manage with backend management
  • Manage FAQ categories
  • Set WYSIWYG editor
  • Set the number of frequently asked questions
  • Set the number of category question
  • Submit question on product page, FAQ page and any other position with popup forms
  • Create unlimited Topics and categories
  • Supports all browsers (IE, Google Chrome, Firefox and so on)
  • Show related question
  • Magento 2 product FAQ extension
  • Taylor your FAQs for the right customers
  • Organize your content so everything is easy to find
  • Responsive Magento FAQ extension
  • Fully customizable
  • Set SEO-friendly direct links for main landing page & individual Q&As
  • Rewrite URL
  • Add tags for each question to easily search in frontend
  • Integrate Social Networks for sharing
  • Auto-update the views, votes, and update time on the article page
  • Support Multi stores & Multiple website
  • Support jquery effect on frontend
  • Easy to customize with separated form and CSS
  • Customer can submit a question
  • Easy to install and config
  • Lifetime Free Update
  • 100% open source
  • Easy to install, easy to upgrade
  • Perfectly compatible with latest magento 2 version

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Release Note
Version 2.1.0 - April 28, 2020

Module code is completely open that means anyone can customize the code as per his / her need , as the developer of the module we also provide customisation and development of the module please contact us for module customisation

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Very easy to use FAQ plugin, but it doesn't look good on mobile. The overall layout is not good when I check the FAQ section on my phone.
6/3/2019 By nevaii
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
Had some difficulties with installation and my current theme but everything was fixed very quickly by the support team.
Thank you very much for the valuable help you gave me.
I am very happy with Landofcoder.
7/17/2018 By shoespirapost
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
The extension saves your time and helps customers to find answers before submitting tickets. Easy to install. Their support team is very professional.
4/23/2018 By Daniilhap
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
It is great that you have added questions to this extension, I missed this feature greatly.
We have purchased multiple extensions from your site and are usually happy with how they perform.
Look forward to more great product from Landofcoder.
10/10/2017 By Daniilhap
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
Hands down the best FAQ extension for M2! We had a simple accordion FAQ page which looked cluttered and made it difficult to find the information needed. No one really bothered with it, choosing instead to call or email us with the same questions over and over. Adding the FAQ extension has enabled us to organise articles based on the most common questions asked saving us a lot of time. It's quick and easy to use thanks to the search feature, SEO friendly and looks great!
7/5/2017 By leonorti
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
Very good extension! We run it on three stores and it works perfectly. It saves a lot of time for answering same questions of customers. I also like the design.
7/3/2017 By GeorgeZeX
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
Thanks for another good extension, guys! It was really convenient to manage diffent articles and to organize them in a well-looking way.
6/11/2017 By Danielwooke
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
The best FAQ extension I could ever find. Easy to configure, extremely useful. Since I have this module at my store, the number of identical requests in my Helpdesk has decreased. I am so happy with it!
6/6/2017 By allisonvz
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
Perfect Installation and configuration. Incredibly fast support. I highly recommend this developer and your extension. Thank you,
2/26/2017 By Gabeflores77
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
This product is fantastic, I had a small problem installing it but I sent a quick email and within minutes it was fixed and run smoothly.
2/26/2017 By Achaudhuri
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