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Magento 2 Quick Order Extension

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Magento 2 Quick Order Extension



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In the rapid development of the online marketplace, wholesales customers are obviously your important buyers. They are essential factors helping to significantly boost sales of your store and much likely to become your loyal patrons. They will find it more complicated searching and adding to cart a huge amount of goods. If they have to perform all these tasks with a large number of products, it is time-consuming and easily leads to inaccuracy.

That’s why you need to support them by the fastest and most simple way to search and place orders for all of their desired products.

Magento 2 quick order answer


Magento 2 Quick Order Extension is a smart solution to enhance the shopping experience of your customers, especially wholesale ones.

This module helps them to search for products by name, multiple SKUs, or even via CSV file, and then place an order by clicking one button. It will reduce the time your customers spend tackling with tons of products and increase accuracy as well as the effectiveness of their work at the same time.

Benefits of Magento 2 B2B Quick Order
magento 2 quick order benefits
  • Boost customer experience by reducing searching and ordering time but increasing efficiency and accuracy of the ordering process
  • Encourage repeated sales and reorder with the quick and simple order process
  • Save time and efforts spending on caring order process of wholesale customers with an optimum self-service option
  • Save lots of time searching, selecting and ordering desired products
  • Limit mistakes in order process when having to deal with a large number of products
  • Easily and quickly order and checkout
Mobile Optimization

In the mobile era, mobiles become more popular and important in our life. So this Magento 2 Quick Order is applied for the mobile-friendly website which brings convenience for both customers and owners benefits. Thanks to being fully Responsive and Mobile Optimization, this wholesale fast order module for Magento 2 will display your marketplace website perfectly on any kind of screens. Hence, user experience and customer shopping experience will be improved significantly.

magento 2 quick order mobile optimization
magento 2 quick order extension features

Bulk add products to cart By SKU & multiple SKU

magento 2 quick order: search product by multiple sku

Magento 2 quick order allows you to search for products by entering an SKU into the instant search box. By this way, you will receive the accurate item with a name, thumbnail and other details.

For buyers who already have a well - prepared SKUs list, you can easily insert your list into “Enter multiple SKUs” box, and then a bulk of products will be added to cart quickly and accurately. The whole process only takes a few steps with simple clicks.

Lightning-fast instant search for products by CSV

Another much more effective and rapid way to lookup for products is via CSV file. Your regular patrons, especially wholesale customers often prepare the product sheet with all necessary details for their order.

This Magento 2 wholesale fast order allows customers to upload CSV files for researching multiple products and adding all of them to the cart. This function is extremely helpful for the order of a large number of products.

Magento 2 Quick Order: Fast search by csv file

Fasten ordering process by live updating

Magento2 Quick Order: Live update in configrable products

One outstanding feature of Magento 2 quick order extension is that it allows the customers to customize products’ attributes without having to direct to any other pages. Buyers can select size and color features for each product in the list among different options displayed.

This live-updating function saves lots of time in the ordering process.

Live update in product quantity & subtotal

Customizing product quantity directly on the order page is an extremely useful function of the wholesale fast order Magento 2. Right after selecting the desired items, you can easily change the quantity of each item in the order list by clicking the minus/plus button or typing the exact number you want in the quantity box.

When the product quantity is updated, the subtotal will be changed automatically and correspondingly.

magento 2 quick order extension: support grouped products

[New] Quick order for ALL M2 product types

Magento 2 Quick Order Extension: support all magento 2 product types

Better than Magento 2 quick order extension free, this module supports various types of products to make order process of your customers become even more simple and convenient:

️🛒 Simple product,
️🛒 Configurable Product,
️🛒 Virtual Product,
️🛒 Grouped Product,
️🛒 Bundle Product,
️🛒 Downloadable Product.

Customizable Design

Magento 2 quick order extension helps you to create a unique and outstanding order page to perform your store’ theme with its highly customizable design feature.

From the backend, you can change heading background color, heading text color and heading button background with ease.

magento 2 quick order extension customizable design

Flexible position to display quick order shortcut

magento 2 quick order extension flexible to display shortcut

LandofCoder wholesale fast order for Magento 2 allows you to place a quick order shortcut in different positions such as:

  • In top menu
  • In footer
  • On customer dashboard
  • Near mini cart

Enable/ disable to add multiple SKU

The extension helps customers to search for products and add to cart fast by inserting multiple product SKUs. You can easily allow this function by clicking “yes” in the configuration of admin.
magento 2 quick order extension: enable to search by multi sku

Enable/ Disable instant search

Magento 2 Quick Order Extension: enable instant search
Likewise, in the admin panel, you can choose to enable/ disable instant search very easy. Just simply choose Yes/ no to get what you want

Enable/ Disable to upload CSV with ease

Regular wholesale customers are the ones you have to spend much time taking care of to keep them loyal buyers and motivate sales for your online store. You can save time of both you and customers and increase the efficiency of work by giving them self-service option.

As a store owner, you can simply enable/disable the function of ordering products by uploading CSV. By this way, your regular patrons can finish their order quickly without having to contact directly with you.

magento 2 quick order extension enable to upload csv file

Easily filter the product attributes

Magento 2 Quick Order Extension: filter product attribute

Product attributes are easily filtered right on a single page to fasten the order process. Landofcoder Quick Order extension has high customizability to support admin in setting the product attributes on the backend and making it work well with every product type.

Translate text via module settings

The module provides store owners with the capability to set up and change the store view of many titles to the quick order list right from the backend.
magento 2 quick order extension translate text via module settings

Full Features Of Magento 2 Quick Order Extension

  • Search products by SKU, multiple SKUs
  • Search products by product name
  • Search product by uploading CSV files
  • Add to cart & checkout in one click
  • View product image when searching
  • Fasten Ordering Process By Live updating custom options
  • Live update in product quantity, subtotal
  • Compatible with other LandOfCoder extensions: Checkout module, Change Qty, Call for Price, ect.
  • Place Quick link at 3 main positions: by the customer dashboard, Top menu and Footer
  • Choose to show Quick Order to specific groups
  • Set page title, meta description, meta keywords for the Quick Order page
  • Enable/ Disable Upload CSV
  • Choose to show product image
  • Set the minimum characters to begin a search
  • Set limited search results
  • Custom heading button color
  • Custom heading text color
  • Custom heading background-color
  • Magento 2 Quick Order For ALL Magento 2 product types

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