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Pop Up Extension For Magento 2


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Pop Up Extension For Magento 2



Mageto 2 Subscription popups
Subscription popups
  • Goal: Attain more quality customers
  • Problem: If the Magento store owners put enough effort into the right marketing strategies, visitors to their Magento website can become their registered customers. Subscription is an appropriate way to transfer marketing messages to the customers as well as to encourage the engagement of the customers to the Magento store. 
  • Solution: Whenever there’s a customer who intends to leave the website, a popup will appear in their sight. This Magento 2 pop up extension will ask the customer to enter his or her email address to subscribe to the newsletter as well as gain a discount for the next purchase on the Magento store. If the customers proceed to do so, you’ve been successful in getting the quality leads you to desire.
Mageto 2 popup Yes/No form
Yes/No form
  • Goal: Get to know the customer’s preference and gain more quality customers
  • Problem: Getting actual and honest feedbacks from online customers is not only important in helping the store owner to improve customer online experience but can also lead them to the utilization of the correct and suitable marketing strategies. With better pop up under the form of the survey such as Yes/No form, Magento merchants can gain insights into customers’ preferences, expectations, and market trends and therefore can improve conversion rate and increase interaction.
  • Solution: You can display the questions in the most simple and self-explanatory way possible and at the same time, also have to make it easy to close so that the popup won’t bother the customers. This type of popup can help you to gain the customers’ opinions in the most direct way
Mageto 2 popup Contact form
Contact form
  • Goal: Collect customers’ data, gain quality leads
  • Problem: Contact form has been an indispensable part of the business of any online Magento stores. It’s an easy way for customers to reach you, for you to get to know the actual expectation of the customers and also to know and keep in touch with the customers who are actually interested in your store.
  • Solution: Contact form comes under the form of pop up extension takes another step further in facilitating and improving the online experience of the customers who come to your Magento store. By using pop up, they won’t have to go to a new page to send you their messages. And making it easier for the customers means that it’s also easier for you to get to know and interact with the customers.
Mageto 2 popup Social form
Social Sharing Form
  • Goal: Increase website’s traffic
  • Problem: Social networking sites and social-commerce has never been more dynamic than they’re now. By integrating social sharing function into your Magento store, you’ve paved the way for the unlimited possibility to increase the website’s traffic and eventually increase sales.
  • Solution: Social sharing pop up which contains a majority of the most widely-used social networking sites will enable customers who come to your Magento store to share as well as comment about the products, the services as well as their feelings about the experience they have with your online website.
Mageto 2 popup Static content
Static Content Form
  • Goal: Transfer marketing messages
  • Problem: Overuse of popup to forcefully engrave marketing messages into the customers’ mind is considered not only ineffective but also uncourteous. The static content popup can be an alternative solution for you to advertise your strong points, get the marketing effects you want and create close engagement with your customers.
  • Solution: Static content pop up for Magento 2 with multiple eye-catching and professionally-designed templates will enable your customers to feel attached and provoke their interest in your store as well as its products.

[New] Restrict popup display from customer groups

Magento 2 Pop Up restrict display from customer groups

With the latest update of Magento 2 pop up extension, you can enable or disable each type of popup to be displayed on specific store views and in front of different customer groups.

[New] Send dynamic coupon codes to subscribers via emails

This pop up extension is compatible with Magento 2 Coupon Code. You are allowed to send dynamic coupon codes to subscribers via emails. You can choose a coupon rule id and set a coupon code with a Thank You message.

Magento 2 pop up include coupon code in emails

Include coupon code in emails

Magento 2 Pop Up email template with coupon code

This is an email template including a coupon code for a customer who subscribed newsletter successfully. You can offer your customers attactive discount codes thanks for their actions and send these coupons to them via Thank You emails with ease.

Setup multiple trigger rules

To help Magento store owners to gain the best control over the use and the appearance of pop up on their store, Magento 2 Pop up extension has established several pre-designed pop up triggering rules.

  • After the customer has spent X seconds on a page
  • After the customer has scrolled X% of the page
  • After the customers have viewed X page on your Magento website
Set up trigger rules for Magento 2 pop up

[NEW] Exit-intent triggers support

Magento 2 Pop Up Exit-intent triggers support

When the customers move their cursors out of the content-displaying area of the browsing screen, Magento 2 popup supports to display pop up.

This means that whenever the customers intend to leave the current page that they’re on, Magento 2 Pop up will proceed to showcase a popup to grab their attention back to the page.

Design and style your popups

For a quicker, more efficient as well as more attractive usage of pop up, Magento 2 Pop up extensions bring to Magento 2 merchants more than 25 pop up templates in default to choose whichever suits their purpose

With these versatile templates, you can:

  • Choose whichever you like to create your desire to pop up
  • Edit and make a change to the pop up using an included WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • Change the style and the decoration of the pop up via making use of CSS
  • [NEW] Receive new pop up templates whenever there’s an update for the extension in the future
Magento 2 Pop Up design and style your pop up

Responsive on all devices: desktops, mobiles, tablets

Responsive on all devices: desktops, mobiles, tablets

Magento 2 Pop up extension is designed to be highly compatible and highly responsive on all the devices being used to view the page as well as the pop-up.

This feature will allow the pop up to perform smoothly and without any disruption to ensure the optimal online experience for the customers.

Track popups perform in Magento 2 back-end

At the backend of the Magento 2 store, vendors can track the performance of all the pop-ups that are being used in their stores. In particular, they can see detailed statistics for the pop up’s interaction such as views, clicks, and CTR.

For contact form and subscription form pop up, Magento merchants will be able to see the data that was submitted by the customers and export it.

Pop up for Magento 2 is managed in the backend

Full Features Of Magento 2 Pop Up Extension

  • Manage Popup Template
  • Customize default popup template
  • Create unlimited new template
  • Load template default
  • Yes/No Button Pop Up
  • Contact Form Pop Up
  • Social Share Button Pop Up
  • Subscribe Form
  • Static Pop Up Support
  • Enable/ Disable pop up form
  • Manage Pop up by smart table grid
  • Set up Animation: zoom out, move from the bottom, zoom in
  • Edit, preview or delete Popup
  • [New] Restrict popup from customer groups
  • [New] Send dynamic coupon code to subscriber emails
  • Manage data the number of Clicks to pop up
  • Control the number of pop up view
  • Set up the Popup Trigger
  • Trigger: After customer spend X second on page
  • Trigger: After customer scroll page by X %
  • Trigger: After customer view X page
  • Trigger: Exit intent
  • Change the Popup positon
  • Enable Cookie Lifetime
  • Edit pop up by HTML content
  • Modify Popup with the CSS Style
  • Performance report for each popup
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Version 1.0.1 - November 06, 2022
  • Fix issue with load module .less file
  • Fix the wrong animate CSS file name
Version 1.0.0 - December 26, 2020
  • First Release
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