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Magento 2 Mega Menu PRO



Fastest Load Time & Cache Supported
Using our Magento 2 mega menu PRO, it will never slow down your site speed. You can make a website load faster by enabling menu cache with a single click.
Fastest Load Time
User friendly Interface
Enhanced UX / UI

To bring you better user experience, this extension comes with enhanced UX & UI. Let's take a look at our demo to see how user-friendly it is.

Fast Ajax Load
With fast ajax load, this Magento 2 mega menu PRO helps you to enjoy the process of creating your own menu. You will never get frustration of waiting for loading.
Fast Ajax Load
16 Premade Menus
16 Premade Menus

We offer you 16 premade menus for different positions and purposes including top menu, vertical left menu, vertical right menu, accordion menu, mobile menu, drill down menu, horizontal menu & sticky menu, accordion menu & drill down menu, custom menu, horizontal menu & vertical menu & blog extension, Luma theme menu & auto search extension, Ultimo theme menu, Porto theme menu, Food menu, English menu, French menu.

One click to Import or Export Demo

It also is very easy to install the demo. With only one click, you can import and export demo in the blink of an eye.

One click to Import
User friendly Interface
Custom Design With Skin Builder

Roll Your Own Color With builtin skin builder in the blink of an eye. It is also easy for you to change design of menu lively & visually.

  • Support Live Preview
  • Margin, Padding, Border, Padding, Widget, Box Shadow
  • Width, Border color, Border Style, Background Color, Box Shadow, Font Size, Font Family
  • Support 660 Google Fonts
786 icons included by Font Awesome

In the Magento 2 mega menu PRO, we already included 786 icons by Font awesome. Freely choose one of them as you want.

786 icons included by Font Awesome
Instant Import Store Categories
Instant Import Store Categories

The extension also supports you to import store categories. If your heavy stores have thousand categories, this feature will help you import categories with ease.

Horizontal and Vertical Structures

In the backend, we support you both Horizontal & Vertical Structures. You can choose the most suitable one for you.

Horizontal and Vertical Structures
Built-in LESS Stylesheets
Built-in LESS Stylesheets
Are you a developer? LESS stylesheets will help you save time to customize the interface.
Show horizontal & vertical menu at the same time

Our Magento 2 mega menu Pro help you create menu then you can show it vertically and horizontally at the same time. 

Show horizontal & vertical menu at the same time
Live Preview
Live Preview
Live preview supports you to see your menu lively on different devices: desktop, tablet landscape, tablet portrait, mobile landscape, mobile portrait
Fully Compatible with Porto Theme & Ultimo Theme

If you are using Porto Theme & Ultimo Theme and you are wondering whether it is compatible or not. Choose our magento 2 mega menu. The extension is fully compatible with those theme.

Fully Compatible with Porto Theme & Ultimo Theme
Responsive & optimized for Mobile menu
Responsive & Optimized for Mobile menu

Our Mega Manu pro version does support 3 mobile menu types:

  • Off Canvas Mega Menu
  • Accordion Menu
  • Drilldown Menu
Vertical & Horizontal Menu
Both vertical and horizontal formats are provided to help you design menu layout. Mega Menu Pro offers various menu types at the backend, just go and select one, or being a creative designer, you can draw beyond your expectation.
Vertical menu & horizontal menu
Style your megamenu without editing css file
Forget editing CSS file, creating your own Mega Menu
This pro extension allows you to create your own style in design tab. Now, with the support of Mega Menu Pro, all you need to do is changing its elements such as width, color, icon, position.
Widget supported
Widget supported
With outstanding features of this Mega Menu Pro version, you can easily place mega menu at any position on your web page with widgets.
Unlimited menu
Making up your own desired menu and setting new dynamic Magento 2 navigation menu
Create as many menu as you want
Structure Preview Supported
Structure Preview Supported
Using structure preview of Mega Menu Pro, you can build a Mega Menu which lives up to your expectation.
Multiple Animations Effects Supported
Through creating powerful effects, we hope our Mega Menu Pro version can help you show your menu in the most attractive way and take full control over it releasing time.
tons of animation effect
Custom Menu
[New] Use Custom Menu For Mobile
Mega Menu Pro is a perfect choice to use custom menu on mobile. One step to make it possible: inserting Alias of the new menu.
[New] Auto Data Backup
Data changes are all saved in the backend. More than 10 latest versions of mega menu are saved automatically when you make any changes. No matter how extensive the data of your menu will be, all is saved correctly and rapidly.
Enable backup tool
magento 2 mega menu pro with rest api support
[New] REST API Support
Do you want to allow other apps to connect with your data with ease? Magento 2 mega menu pro supports API to associate with 3rd-party software easily. You will get the rest api free after you purchase the module.
Right To Left Language Support
Remaining the special features to help all types of languages, Mega Menu Pro support RTL languages direction like Hebrew, Persian, Arabic, etc.
Right To Left Language Support
magento 2 mega menu with drag n drop feature
Drag & Drop Menu Builder

Compared with our Mega Menu Basic extension, this pro version is still helpful for dragging and dropping features. With hypersonic speed, you can build your own rich content and professional menu quickly and smoothly.

Full Compatible with
  • Magento 2 Page Builder
  • Magento 2 Social Login
  • Magento 2 Advanced Report
  • Magento 2 Mega Menu
  • Magento 2 Hide Price
  • Magento 2 Reward Points Pro
  • Magento 2 Image Gallery
  • Magento 2 Image Gallery Pro
  • Magento 2 Testimonial
  • Magento 2 FAQ Extension
  • Magento 2 Help Desk
  • Magento 2 Product Notification
  • Magento 2 Customer Quotation
  • Magento 2 Order Tracking
  • Magento 2 Store Locator
  • Magento 2 Marketplace
  • Magento 2 Layered Navigatio
  • Magento 2 Gift Card
  • Magento 2 Follow Up Email
  • Magento 2 Affiliate Pro
  • Magento 2 SMTP Pro
  • Magento 2 Infinite Scroll
  • Magento 2 Brand
  • Magento 2 Product List
  • Magento 2 Image Slider
  • Magento 2 Lazy Load
  • Magento 2 Slack Integration
Full Compatible with
Attractive Custom Work Service
Attractive Custom Work Service

Custom Work is always difficult for both web users & store owners. To help you reduce the pressure when sitting for a long time in front of screen to search & learn how to customize, we provide attractive custom work service with 2 main types:

  • Free Cost: Used for simple & less time-consuming custom
  • $15/hour cost: Used for complex & time-wasting custom
Free Installation (Value $55)
We are ready to provide you free installation for your extension after purchasing to save your time to make it work smoothly on your website. Send us your installation request to We will help you install immediately in only few seconds!
Magento 2 Mega menu PRO Extension - buy magento 2 pro extension get free magento 2 installation service

Full Magento 2 Mega Menu Features

  • Fastest Load Time & Cache Supported (Featured)
  • Enhanced UX / UI
  • Fast Ajax Load (Featured)
  • 16 Premade Menus
  • Owl carousel Supported
  • Bootstrap Carousel Supported
  • Drag n Drop Features
  • Easily manage items
  • Create unlimited mega menu profiles
  • Off-canvas menu
  • Accordion Menu
  • Drilldown menu
  • Both horizontal & vertical Magento supported
  • Easily add, delete and edit menu items
  • Export the menu list to CSV/XML file
  • Choose and show sub category
  • Add customer group for each menu
  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Supports Dynamic Items like Category, CMS Page, CMS Static Block, Product Page, Custom Url, etc
  • Show Category Image/Icons For Menu Item
  • Group Submenus For Better Organizing Menu Items
  • 7 Submenu Types: Anchor Text, Dynamic Category Listing, Product Listing, Product Grid, Child menu., Default Category Listing, Content
  • One click to Import or Export Demo
  • Live Preview
  • 786 icons included by Font Awesome
  • Instant Import Store Categories
  • Horizontal and Vertical Structures
  • Set featured products in menu content
  • Dynamic Magento 2 Navigation Menu
  • Add labels to products: Hot, New, Sale OFF, etc.
  • Arrange the position of Menu items
  • Customize the style of menu: width, menu color, icon
  • Configure menu content: size, number, and position of columns
  • Disable item blocks on mobile: Header, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Footer
  • Magento Widget + LOF Widget
  • [New] Multiple Animations Effects Supported
  • Supports WYMeditor
  • Scroll To Fixed
  • Enable and disable menu groups.
  • Set submenu item levels unlimitedly
  • Easily add, edit and delete menu/sub menu items from the admin.
  • Customize the style of menu: width, menu color, font color/size/weight, icon image, etc
  • Place mega menu on anywhere on your site
  • Built-in LESS Stylesheets (Featured)
  • Show horizontal & vertical menu at the same time
  • Full Compatible with: Magento 2 Blog Extension, Magento 2 Auto Search, Magento 2 Form Builder
  • Fully Compatible with Porto Theme & Ultimo Theme
  • Never Slow Down Your Speed
  • [New] Auto Data Backup
  • [New] Use Custom Menu For Mobile
  • Compatible with Magento EE
  • Responsive Magento 2 Mega Menu (Featured)
  • Touch & Retina Ready
  • Control User Access Permission For Menu Items
  • Support RIGHT TO LEFT Languages in the menu
  • Tested in all modern browsers and mobiles
  • Clean code
  • Support multiple stores
  • Support multiple languages
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Open source 100%
  • Detailed Documentation & Video Tutorials

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Single License

+$ 0
  • 01 Domain usage
  • 12 Months Support


+$ 139
  • 02 Domain usage
  • 12 Months Support


+$ 399
  • 04 Domain usage
  • 12 Months Support

Agency License

+ $ 999
Video Guides

Module code is completely open that means anyone can customize the code as per his / her need , as the developer of the module we also provide customisation and development of the module please contact us for module customisation

Customer reviews

5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star
We have a huge menu so the caching & Ajax loading were a deal breaker for us. The Built-in LESS Stylesheets & responsive feature are amazing.

Thank you Land of Coder for great extensions!
9/23/2018 By John
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
It is well thought out and can make beautiful menus. It has unlimited possibilities. The support of this company and Bao in particular is top notch and always fast! I checked all the other menu builders and this one is by far the best (and what luck the best price too!) Nice work Land of Coder.
5/3/2017 By Hankb
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
Works as discribed.

Little problem: You have to find out that the editing works best in Firefox and the drag and drop works best in Google Chrome.
The interface is not the same in this two browsers
5/3/2017 By Marc
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
One of the best functional design extensions for Magento2. The end user documentation could be more thorough on all of the elements, however with some trial and error using the sample data we figured out what did what.

Our website redesign is looking so much cleaner with this menu. It does not appear to affect performance in any negative way either. Thank you!
4/9/2017 By Dent Magic Tools
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
I looked around for a good mega menu and this one has far surpassed my expectations.
I had some questions and some minor modifications that I was looking to do and the support staff was spectacular in their response time and programming my ideas.
For the money, you will not find a better mega menu that this one...that is for sure!
4/8/2017 By Daniel
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
Had a little permissions issues on the the install but if you are working with MG Com 2.0 you are probably a developer anyway! I spent several hours designing my own menus then found this extension which saved me dozens of hours of work on this and other projects. If you need menu flexibility to the Nth degree I highly suggest this extension!!!! Service and support have been more then helpful ! - JD from C11MEDIA
4/8/2017 By C11media
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
By this extension, I can build rich content and professional menu on my page within a few minutes mega menu. Thanks a lot!
4/8/2017 By Alex
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
I bought this extension from landofcoder. I must say it's awesome extension for magento 2. We found it very easy to edit every part of the menu. It's fully customizable. A good extension!
4/5/2017 By Benny
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
I have purchase this extension for current project. It is working perfectly. The menu is easy to install and modify by drag & drop. On the front end, the navigation menu quickly lead customer to specific product. One again a great product. Thanks
4/3/2017 By Lawrence
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
Very Nice and Easy Extension. I had some issue during customize and the Steve was very fast and ready to solve all the problems.
4/1/2017 By Holin
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness

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