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Magento 2 Event Tickets Extension

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Magento 2 Event Tickets Extension

Magento 2 Event Tickets Extension



magento 2 event tickets extension controversy

It is essential for any businesses to obtain, keep and improve customer loyalty. This is also true with online stores. There are various ways that the online merchants can apply to enhance customer loyalty for their shops such as discount programs, free gift, reward points,..etc. Among these methods, holding offline events to get face-to-face or direct interaction with customers is one of the most effective approaches. These events help your brand and your patrons come close together, which facilitating trustworthy and satisfaction from buyers.

But how to create event, sell tickets and manage attendees efficiently?

Magento 2 event tickets extension solution

Magento 2 event tickets will be the answer to all your questions. This magento 2 event extension with tickets helps store owners to create numerous events of all types, design unique tickets and then sell to customers. In addition, this module also provides printed PDF tickets and customized email notification. Event, tickets, and participants management will be easy and effective with the support of this extension.

Vital Benefits Of Magento 2 Event Tickets Extension

✔️Attract new customers and increase brand loyalty of existing patrons by holding helpful and interesting offline events.

✔️Obtain data of participants for further marketing and promotion campaigns.

✔️ Boost sales by selling exclusive products with tickets, in and after events.

magento 2 event tickets mobile optimization
features of magento 2 event tickets extension
Support REST API
With the addition of frontend and backendsend Rest Api, our event tickets extension for Magento 2 can connect the data with third-party apps to check & track tickets, notify the store admin about check-in tickets, etc.
Magento 2 event tickets support rest api
Magento 2 event tickets multiple options
Book Event Tickets With Various Options
For each type of event tickets, customers will be offered by multiple options for location, date, time, and combo. They can flexibly select the most suitable options and book a number of event tickets with ease.
Event Ticket Registration Popup
To book event tickets, customers need to fill out the registration form with their information first. Magento 2 event ticket provides a popup for your customers to register tickets.
Magento 2 event tickets registration popup
Magento 2 event tickets - create unlimited events to sell tickets
Create Unlimited Events To Sell Tickets
Magento 2 event tickets allows you to create multiple events of different types to sell tickets ranging from offline promotion, new product introducing events to workshops, conferences, or concerts, screenings. You can easily set start/end date of an event, locations, ticket options, terms and conditions, etc. These events will be displayed attractively in the frontend of your store.
Create Tickets For Specific Events

This Magento 2 event extension with tickets helps you create unique tickets that meet the demand of particular events created. You can customize the tickets with below attributes:

  • Locations/ Schedules
  • Ticket Options
  • Template Settings
  • Personal Information
  • Report
  • Terms and Conditions
Magento 2 event tickets - customize ticket types for specific events
Customize Ticket Options For Customers
You can create the tickets into different customer groups such as child/adults, VIP/regular, student/non-student, etc. You can flexibly set multiple options with price, quantity, price types and description. Tickets will be displayed as custom or additional options in the front-end, and your visitors can choose their desired kind of ticket on the product page.
Magento 2 event tickets - customize ticket types for specific events
magento 2 event tickets - track purchased tickets via ticket link
Check Purchased Tickets Via Ticket Link

You can utilize quick ticket link to direct to order page and get more details about each particular order.

Also, after booking event tickets successfully, buyers can share the ticket link with their friends easily.

magento 2 event tickets - auto generate barcode and qr code for ticket
Auto Generate Barcode & QR Code For Each Ticket
Magento 2 event extension with tickets automatically generates an unique Barcode and QR code for each purchased ticket. Customers can check the Barcode and QR code from the tracking link or ticket pdf. Thus, store owners can check the details of all event tickets based on Barcode or QR code.
Manage Events With Ease
This Magento 2 event tickets module allows you to view and edit any events from the admin panel with ease. It also offers report of the summary and purchased tickets for specific events; therefore, store owners can effectively track and manage all created events.
magento 2 event tickets - manage events with ease
magento 2 event tickets - manage event tickets
Manage Event Tickets Effortlessly

The extension offers you an accurate Magento 2 ticketing system grid so that you can receive real-time information about all purchased tickets. By effectively manage event tickets, store owner can control the number of sold tickets for better preparation for the events. Moreover, for each ticket, store admin can take some actions:

  • View Order
  • Resend Email
  • Print
Track Ticket Orders Per Event
Event ticket for Magento 2 helps you to check number of ticket orders for each event. From this you can assess how successful your event is and have appropriate adaptation for better events in the future.
magento 2 event tickets - track ticket orders per event
magento 2 event tickets - export event tickets to CSV or XML
Export Event Tickets To CSV, XML
For better management, especially offline management, event tickets Magento 2 extension offers you the ability to directly export the event ticket list from the event ticket management page into CSV or XML files.
Check Ticket Report Of Any Events

Magento 2 event tickets provides you with reports of each event. You can choose different criteria to make report of Summary and Purchased Tickets. Thanks to these reports with accurate figures, you can properly analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies to make improvement if necessary.

magento 2 event tickets - check ticket report of events
magento 2 event tickets - send reminder emails to customers
Send Reminder Emails To Customers
Magento 2 event ticket offers you a smart email system to notify your participants. You can send confirmation email after customers purchase the tickets successfully. You also can send reminder emails about the event to customers.
Manage Event Attendees Via Check-in Tickets
With the help of check-in tickets management, you can control the actual number of attendees presenting in each event. For further management, Magento 2 event tickets extension provides the data of all customers with specific information such as quantity or types of tickets they have bought, etc. The list of customer can be directly export to XML or CSV files for further uses.
magento 2 event tickets - manage event attendees via check-in tickets
magento 2 event tickets - create custom ticket pdf templates
Create Custom Ticket PDF Templates
Magento 2 event tickets module allows store admins to create multiple custom ticket PDF templates with details and coordinates. Then, when creating a new event, admins can select one of available templates to send purchased tickets to customers.
User-friendly Configuration
Event tickets for Magento 2 extension has user-friendly configuration so that you can easily set up and customize all the functions and features. It does not require you to have any special technical skills or call for help from any experts.
magento 2 event tickets - easy to configure

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