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Magento 2 Advanced Reports


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Magento 2 Advanced Report

Magento 2 Advanced Reports



Magento 2 Advanced Reports - Get Priceless Data In Real Time

Using Magento advanced reporting, you will get a variety of sale reports with priceless statistical data. It is created for you to find out the bestseller, compare different time periods and build a successful marketing plan.
magento 2 advanced report compatible

Magento 2 advanced reports support multiple currencies

The customed sale report module allows displaying prices in diverse currencies based on the admin purpose or location. It is useful for merchants that sell globally.

Admin can view all sale reports that are automatically displayed product prices for US residents in USD, for Canadians in Canadian Dollar, for EURO zone in Euro, etc.

multiple currencies sale report

The deepest insights at the first sight

Landofcoder Magento 2 advanced reports give you the deepest analytics insights. You can start analyzing your store performance in a blink of an eye.

Magento 2 Advanced Repoty Insights At First Sight

Product performance chart

  • Performance chart

Magento 2 advanced reports help you to see how products performed in different periods of time.

You also can change the time scale on the products to compare their performance to the previous period.

  • Interactive Chart with Visual Data

Landofcoder Magento advanced reporting comes with a clear, simple, and intuitive interface. Hence, you can manage and monitor reports easily.

28+ ready-made advanced reports to explore sales over time

Incredibly, Landofcoder Magento 2 advanced reports offer you 28+ ready-made reports to track your sales & earnings by order, category, customer, products.

28 readymade reports to explore sales over time

Customize your reports within a few clicks

With magento advanced reporting, you can easily change chart color, chart height, font color, font size, background color.

Customize your reports within a few clicks

Smart Filter & Flexible Calendar

With the smart filter you can apply for:

  • Match Period
  • Date Range
  • Show By: Day/ Week/ Month/ Quarter/ Year.
  • Order status

Landofcoder Magento 2 advanced reports extension comes with pre-defined periods. Allow you to monitor all reports with flexible filters and sorting options. This filter helps you save time on finding desirable data in the blink of an eye.

Magento 2 advanced reports for better comparison

In the earning reports, you will see "sale earnings this month", "sale earnings last month", "total value of your item sales".

28+ premade magento advanced reports

Abandoned Cart Report

Multiple event types

Let's help you to monitor abandonment rate in the different period of time. Take a control of your abandonment rate and find the best way to reduce it.

Comprehensive Sale Report

Comprehensive Sale Report
Magento 2 advanced reporting comes with:
  • Sales Overview
  • Sales Statistics
  • Sales By Customer Group
  • Sales By Product Type
  • Sales By Hour
  • Sales By Date of Week
  • Sales By Product
  • Sales By Category
  • Sales By Payment Type
  • Sales By Country
  • Sales By Region/ State
  • Sales By Zip code
  • Sales By Coupon Code

Customer Report

Customer Report
  • Customer Activity
  • Customer Reports
  • Top Customer Reports
  • Products By Customer
  • Customers By City
  • Customer By Country
  • Customer Not Order

Order Report

Order Report
  • Order Detail
  • Order Items Detail
  • Order by Guest
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Abandoned Details Carts

Product report

Product report

Using our magento 2 advanced reports, you can check product performance, see what was driving the sales, analysis products sale for any period. These data helps you take an overview of your product performance; so that you can create suitable marketing strategies for your site.

Multiple charts types & Data totals toolbar

  • Multiple charts types

Landofcoder Magento 2 advanced reports present data visually in the different chart such as Line Chart, Bar chart, Pie Chart, Area Chart

  • Data totals toolbar

Necessary report data such as order totals, the number of items ordered, discounted, refunded, revenue are now represented in a distinctive block below the report chart.

[HOT] Schedule time to send report automatically via email

Instead of saving or export your sale data, you can schedule the time to send these wanted report to your email in expected date and hours
Schedule Time To Send Report Automatically via Email

28+ Types REST API Discover Sales

28+ Types REST API Discover Sales

Interestingly, 28+ types REST API as a bridge to connect a wide range of Sale Reports & Earnings such as Earnings, Customers, Products, Sales on your Magento Store

  • Order
  • Order detail
  • Order Items Detail
  • Order by guests
  • Abandoned Detailed Carts
  • Product Report
  • Products Not Sold
  • Customers activity
  • Customer Reports
  • Top Customers Reports
  • Products by Customer
  • Customers by City
  • Customers by Country
  • Customers Not Order
  • Sales Overview
  • Sales Statistics
  • Sales by Customers Group
  • Sales by Product Type
  • Sales by Hour
  • Sales Day of Week
  • Sales by Product
  • Sales by Category
  • Sales by Payment Type
  • Sales by Country
  • Sales Per Product Per Country
  • Sales By Region/State
  • Sales By Zipcode
  • Sales By Coupon Code

Showcase typically margin profits Report (Cost and tax)

Clarify profit margin to calculate your income, tax and your profit in report
Apply filters

Easily Cron Job to send report export file to email

Schedule to send report file to customers email in a specific time in minutes.
Easily Cron Job to send report export file to email

REST API for Third Party

Full list of available metrics, dimension or attributes API, third party Magento Web service can be configured Report Software or Report Application
REST API for Third Party Magento

Mobile Apps

Let customers access their reports on mobile App by available REST API without login Admin Panel .
Mobile Apps

Full Magento 2 Advanced Reports Features

  • 28+ Report Types to explore sales over a period of time, break it down by category and product.
  • Sales Overview
  • Sales statistics
  • Sales by customer group
  • Bestseller / Product Performance
  • Sales by hour
  • Sales by day of week
  • Sales by product
  • Sales by category
  • Sales by payment type
  • Sales by country
  • Sales by region/ state
  • Sales by Zip code
  • Sales by coupon code
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Sale Earning Comparison
  • Earning Report
  • Multiple skins
  • Report drill down to explore data fast and easily.
  • Comprehensive Sale Overview
  • Advanced Report to trace your sales performance in a real-time mode
  • Visual graphs ( bar, pie, line..) to illustrate trends
  • Option to filter data for different dates and days
  • Customize chart display
  • Use flexible filters
  • Equipped with a profit-calculating formula
  • Product Reports
  • Customer Report
  • Order Sale Report
  • Comprehensive Earning Report
  • Abandoned cart
  • Schedule Time To Send Report Via Email
  • Sale Earning Comparison
  • Grow your online shop performance
  • Order created date
  • Order updated date
  • Custom date range
  • Show by day/ week/ month/ quarter/ year
  • Order status
  • Schedule Time To Send Report Via Email
  • Customer Activity
  • Customer Report
  • Top Customers Report
  • Products By Customer
  • Customers by city
  • Customers by country
  • Customer not order
  • Orders Detailed
  • Order Items Detailed
  • Orders by Guests
  • Report by store view
  • Export to CSV or XML
  • Option to filter sales data
  • Able to filter by store view.
  • Able to order and filter reports by any column.
  • Provides with Google Analytics-like visualized sales data metrics and charts
  • Clear Backend Interface
  • Extraordinary Useful Magento 2 Reports

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