Landofcoder Author Fee Schedule

Welcome to become one of the authors with us!

If you get interested in selling stock and making income even in your free time, you cannot miss out on this opportunity. To become an author on Landofcoder Market, you will need to agree with our Author Term. As an author on Landofcoder Market, you will have rights, obligations, and responsibilities to us and buyers of your items.

Landofcoder would like to specify Author Fee, Vendor Support, Payment and Refund & Promotion Policy when you become an author on our market.

1. Author Fee / Your Earnings

Author Fee is an amount you (author) are charged by Landofcoder when using our platform & services. When customers purchase your items, they are both charged your Item Price and a Landofcoder Buyer Fee. Then, the amount of money on each sale you will earn is calculated by taking the Item Price component of the total price and deducting our Author Fee.

Author Fee

  • % for exclusive modules: 50% (mean you can get 50% of the profit)
  • % for non-exclusive modules40% (mean you can get 60% of the profit)

The more total sales on our site you make, the less author fee you have to pay and the more profit you can get.

2. Vendor/Seller Support

We are willing to support free sales and simple questions related to items which vendors are selling on Landofcoder. For other technical issues such as extension bugs, installation, and integration requests, the support team from sellers will have to resolve them.

To do that, you can send us your helpdesk information so we can submit tickets. Or we will send emails to you when customers face technique issues.

3. Payment

Withdrawals occur once a month with a payout minimum of $50 at the end of each month or the beginning of next month. To do this, you must provide us with the correct details and payment method. We need your authorization to collect payments, credit your account with the earnings, and payout the earnings to you.

4. Refund & Promotion Policy

Our Refund and Promotion Policy will be applied for your items.

In particular, customers will get a 60-day money-back guarantee and can request a refund based on Our Policy.

Sometimes we will offer special deals or promotions to buyers as part of boosting the business development of authors on Landofcoder Market. In this case, your item prices under special promotion may vary and the author fee may differ. It means your earnings may not always be determined by the advertised price of your items.

Don't worry! You always can refuse to join our special deals & promotions if it affects the author fee because we will inform you before including your items in any promotion.