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Magento 2 Return Merchandise Authorization

Magento 2 RMA Extension

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Community Edition: 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x



magento 2 rma extension questions

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you to know that at some point during the process, the customers might somehow feel unsatisfied about the products and they want to make a return, especially when you run a business online. Product returning inescapable to any business no matter how successful it is. Do you know that 92% of the customers said that they would buy from the same brand again if the return policy is good? Good product returning policy, therefore, is important to retain customers and to keep them from visiting your store. If yours is not good, it’s highly likely that your customers will turn to your competitors with better policy.

Magento 2 RMA extension brings to you the complete and comprehensive solution to your product return and exchange process. WIth this brilliant RMA for Magento 2, you’re able to organise a smooth return experience for your customers. You can also let the customers submit RMA request, discuss in further details with them and notify them of the changes that were made. Magento 2 RMA is essential if you want to improve and enhance customer loyalty and boost sale for your Magento online store.

successful sites powered by magento 2 rma extension

What can Magento 2 RMA extension bring to your online store?

RMA for Magento 2 is not only beneficial for the management of your store but more importantly, it also create amazing online shopping experience for your customers.
Effective management
WIth Magento 2 RMA module, you’re able to easily and effectively manage the product exchanges process on your store, keep track of how your business is doing and be aware of the customer’s feelings and expectation.
Enhancement for Customers
Good return policy is what most effective in keeping the customers to come back again for more and to spread the words to everyone else that your store is wonderful. Customer loyalty is what you can expect to get thanks to this module.
magento 2 rma workflow
magento 2 rma extension mobile optimize

How to use Magento 2 RMA extension in frontend

Why shouldn’t you miss out Magento 2 RMA module?

Add bundle RMA request for multi orders on frontend

Magento 2 rma extension my returns
This Magento 2 RMA will surprise you with advanced features. Customers are enabled to create bundle RMA requests with ease. They also can check all bundle return for orders in the list ''My Return''.
magento 2 rma extension select multiple orders to return

Select One or Multi Orders

Step 1: In the list of complete orders, tick on one or multiple orders to select them for new bundle return request. Next, click on ''Request Return'' button.
magento 2 rma extension request bundle rma

Select One or Multi Items

Step 2: Select specific, multiple or all items in the selected order to return in bulk. Also, enter a comment to explain the reason and upload files for clarification if necessary. Finally, click on ''Submit Request'' button.

[NEW] Allow Guests to request RMA

Customers don't need to login to request RMA. Our Magento 2 RMA solution allows guests to login and submit mutiple requests for return. Your guests can enter their email address and order id, then create new RMA with ease.

View Bundle RMA Details

Customers after submitting bundle return request can go to ''My Returns'' to check the details of any sent packages. Each bundle RMA request will include request information, return items, and rma message.
Magento 2 rma extension bundle rma request details

Create bundle RMA requests for multi orders in backend

Magento 2 rma extension create bundle rma from backend
How can store owners create bundle RMA in Magento 2? It's super easy now with our Magento 2 RMA extension. The store admin is supported to create bundle RMA right from the backend.
magento 2 rma extension add multi orders for rma in backend

Edit Bundle RMA Info

In the ''General Information'', the admin can add more than one order to return. One order will be ''Parent RMA'' and other orders will be ''Child RMA Id #xxxxxx''.
magento 2 rma extension select items in orders for rma in backend

Edit Bundle RMA Items

In the ''Items'' section, the store admin is able to select multiple products from different orders. Each item will need to specify qty return, return reason, condition and resolution.

Enable Bundle RMA in Settings

There are two new options for bundle RMA in the Configuration of Magento 2 RMA module. Store admins can enable or disable these options on purposes.

  • Show Bundle RMA section in Customer Account
  • Show Bundle RMA section in Backend
Magento 2 rma extension bundle rma configuration
magento 2 rma enhance store owners and customers experience

Instant RMA Activity Notification

Magento 2 rma extension with instant activity notification
Magento 2 RMA extension is successfully integrated with Help Desk. Therefore, both the store owner and the customers can receive helpful and instant RMA notification about the activity via emails and on-site messages. WIth this RMA for Magento 2 module, you will stand a chance to bring to your customers the best RMA service ever.

Customizable Reason, Condition, Resolution Setting

With RMA in Magento 2, store owners are not restricted in creating reason, condition or resolution for the RMA setting. They’re given complete freedom to create whatever they desire to suit their business purpose and job management task. Moreover, the store admin are also able to switch between active and inactive for the elements they created.
Magento 2 rma extension unlimited reason, condition or resolution

Multistore Support

Magento 2 rma extension multi store support
Our Magento 2 RMA module helps you to easily manage RMA requests and status in particular store view. Moreover, it also supports switching from store to store and website to website in Admin Panel.
user friendly magento 2 rma extension

Dynamic and User-friendly Custom Fields

There are a lot of elements that were added to this RMA for Magento 2 in order to bring to you the best working experience.

  • Priority Order
  • Types (Text, Date, Checkbox, Dropdown list)
  • Visibility
  • Editability
  • Status
  • Staff or Customer Required
magento 2 rma extension user friendly custom fields

Easy To Configure

Configure Magento 2 RMA Extension with ease
Our Magento 2 RMA extension is extremely user-friendly and user-oriented as it’s design to make it simple for you to adjust and manage the settings. You will definitely get to know how to use it quickly without any difficulty.

Highly Controllable RMA System

With RMA in Magento 2, store owners will be able to take complete control over elements of the RMA system such as the shipping status (for shipped products only) and various order status namely Complete, On Hold, Payment Review, Suspected Fraud, Paypal Reversed, Pending,... Moreover, you can also control the specific time when the RMA request is allowed.
Magento 2 rma controllable return merchandise authorization system
magento 2 rma extension increase customer facilitation

Flexibly Selecting Return Items

Magento 2 rma flexibly select return items
Choosing which items to return is completely based on the customers’ personal preference. They can choose one or more items out of their order list to request for RMA, unlimited and unrestricted.

Customer Can Create Several RMA At Once

As a store owner, you’re given the chance to utilise already available templates as well as to customize them to your own expectation to create the RMA request form. The customers who come to your store are also able to submit several request for RMA at the same time via any devices without having to encounter any problems with display.
Magento 2 rma extension allows customers create several RMA at once

Quick Messaging

Magento 2 rma exatension quick messaging
In order to make it easier for the customers during their return process, our Magento 2 RMA extension is equipped with quick messaging. Besides typing the text and sending it using the textbox, the customers who come to your store can also attach files such as images and documents for a more detailed and self-explanatory conversation.
magento 2 rma extension easy management

Easy to insert return address

With RMA for Magento 2, you are enabled to make changes to the return address as your wish. In particular, you can add title, the name of the return address as well as sort the order and the activeness of the address. In general, you can adjust the return address with ease.
Magento 2 rma extension easy to insert return address

Check return status with ease

Magento 2 rma exatension check return status
With Lof RMA in Magento 2, you can use “Return” to view all the new return requests as well as the pending approvals of your store. For pending approval, you’ll be able to see information such as order, requested date, status and contact info. Magento merchants can confirm shipping along with print out the RMA Packing slip.

Handy Packing Slip, Shipping Label, Confirm Shipping Buttons

Magento store admins can organise and arrange various buttons to facilitate and smoothen their management on the return and exchange process. Those buttons are Packing Slip, Shipping Label and Confirm Shipping. After you’ve enabled these, the customers can have access to these buttons after they log in to their accounts.
Magento 2 rma packing slip and shipping label and confirm shipping

Fast Access To All Submitted RMA Request

Magento 2 rma fast access to all submitted RMA request
This feature brings to Magento store owners an incredible helping hand in managing and reviewing RMA request. With it, you can keep track of all the request in one place only. Moreover, if you’re running a multi-vendor store, you can see all the RMA request in store view or on the website, easily and conveniently.

Effortlessly Managing Quick Responses

This feature is another smart feature for Magento store owners in helping the customers during their return process. When you have to encounter many similar questions by the customers and you don’t have the time to response to all of them, you can save time by producing a template for answer with the name changing for each specific customers. Plus, RMA in Magento 2 enables customers to take control over the place to submit their answers.
Magento 2 rma extension manages quick responses

Speeding up RMA Process with Workflow Rules

Magento 2 rma extension workflow rules
With Magento 2 RMA extension, you can effortlessly use this feature to help to perform follow-up tasks to particular events during the RMA submitting process. All you have to do to achieve this is to simply set the conditions, actions and the email notification respectively. Moreover, with just a click, you can choose to either activate or deactivate rules separately.

Smart RMA Report Chart with Filter

Magento 2 RMA is excellent since it provide Magento store admin with versatile and detailed Report Chart for easy and effective business track recording and monitoring. Additionally, handy filter is also integrated into the Magento 2 module to filter the results based on:

  • Period
  • Product
  • Reason
Magento 2 rma extension with smart RMA report chart

Smart RMA Management In Singe Place

Magento 2 rma extension with smart RMA management
Magento 2 RMA module supports you with the management of product return and exchange in a single place. You won’t have to move around or navigate much to do the management task.

[New] Filter/sorting/paging when creating RMA requests

To bring the best user experience to customers, RMA for Magento 2 extension has been updated with advanced functionality. On the frontend, when customers create a new rma request, filter/sorting/paging options will be displayed and support them to speed up the process.
Magento 2 RMA extension filter sorting paging when request rma on frontend

[New] Display RMA grid on customer edit page

Magento 2 rma extension rma grid on customer edit page
Our Magento 2 rma extension displays a RMA grid on each customer edit page. With the RMA grid, store admin can manage all rma requests of any customer better. The admin is enabled to check details and edit any customer RMA requests if necessary.

[New] Ask to confirm shipping

With Magento 2 RMA, store admin can configure the module to request customer confirmation for shipping with a custom message. Customers will be asked to confirm that they have sent return items to the RMA department. Then, the system will send a notification email to the store email address.
Magento 2 RMA extension ask customers to confirm shipping

Magento 2 RMA Extension Feature List

  • Highly Controllable Return Merchandise Authorization System
  • Create RMA request via intuitive and responsive submission form
  • Dynamic and User-friendly Custom Fields
  • Smart RMA Report Chart with Filter
  • Quick messaging
  • Instant RMA Activity Notification
  • Unlimited and Customizable Reason, Condition, Resolution Setting
  • [New] Add bundle RMA request for multi orders on frontend
  • [New] Create bundle RMA requests for multi orders from backend
  • [New] Ask to confirm shipping
  • [New] Allow guests to login and request RMA
  • Handy Packing Slip, Shipping Label, and Confirm Shipping Buttons
  • Fast Access To All Submitted RMA Request From Single Place
  • Effortlessly Managing Quick Responses
  • Speeding up RMA Process with Workflow Rules
  • Flexibly Selecting Return Items
  • [New] Display filter/sorting/paging when create rma request on frontend
  • [New] Display RMA grid on customer edit page
  • Easy to configure
  • Multistore Support
  • Easy to insert return address

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An excellent extension that now also works with web API!
Landofcoder support is extraordinary, I have no other words.
5/8/2018 By Robertsmike
  • Developer Support
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  • Usefulness
Another one we got from landofcoder. It lacks a few features here and there, but overall a solid extension covering the work of an entire department.
4/26/2018 By EvgeniyInify
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Nice and easy to use for customers.
Also, it would be great to be able to create rma from backend. I hope this will be added soon.
3/8/2018 By kristiehz
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  • Usefulness
We have a clothing online shop and we do our best to provide our customers with an excellent service. After module installation we managed to dramatically reduce calls with return requests into our office and cut errors amount by a half thanks to fully automatic return procedure. It works successfully. I think that Landofcoder will be the first & foremost choice when we wanna purchase an extension for our store
1/16/2018 By chaletsshop1
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Really useful and affordable extension. Very prompt support. Perfectly fixed the issues we reported. We are so impressed with your Supporting. Great job!
12/20/2017 By lsujoe3
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  • Usefulness
We are going also to purchase the store credit extension because it helps to save time doing refunds by giving the client a store credit.
Everything worked out of the box after the installation.
10/5/2017 By StephenKeelt
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
We’ve chosen this module as it supports rma for guest visitors. This was exactly what we needed as customers often neglect registration and prefer making fast purchases. As soon as we sell clothes we face numerous rma requests every day. This extension allowed our admins to rapidly process the requests by keeping all necessary info at hand. Since we installed the module 5 months ago we haven’t noticed any inaccuracies or bugs. It was a great plus when Landofcoder added custom form fields and statuses. I’m pretty sure this is one of our best buys so far. Keep on codin’ Landofcoder!
6/15/2017 By sharronvr
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  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
Great extension great support and features. So far all works very well.
Thank you Landofcoder!
5/1/2017 By peterdg
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
This is the best RMA solution on the market right now. It is fully customization and has a lot of features others do not, including "offline" RMA submission by guests.
4/12/2017 By robertnt
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