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Magento 2 Price Comparison

Magento 2 Price Comparison

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why do people fall in love with Magento 2 Price Comparison?

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Various Types of Products Compatibility

Magento 2 Price Comparison Plugin is very powerful because it can work with 5/6 types of products namely:

  • Simple Product
  • Grouped Product
  • Virtual Product
  • Bundle Product
  • Downloadable Product

So, you can store and provide for your customer a diversity of products, which makes them have magnificant shopping experiences with more choices.

Incredible Shopping Cart Operation

Magento 2 Price Comparison Extension brings lots of interesting shopping experience for both you and your customers. You will find it easy to:

  • Set different product layouts which are suitable for your type of products.
  • Manage your ordering information in the most convenient and intelligent way with the Checkout tool. 

For your customers, it is very easy for them to:

  • See the list of some products in shopping cart. 
  • Just only by one-click to move any products to the Wishlist.
  • Compare different product’s prices to choose the best choices and order them. 
  • Follow their ordering information in the Summary box.
magento 2 price comparison incredible shopping cart operation
One-click Customization Price Setting

With Magento 2 Price Comparison, you will be a leisured store owner while customizing the settings for your store in ONE second only by clicking YES or NO . It helps you create best tools for transacting with your customers:

  • Set the Enable Price Comparison
  • Set the Show minimum price on pproduct page
  • Set the Product Edit Approval Required.
  • Set the Add Product Message For Email.
  • Set the “Edit Product Message For Email.
  • Select various options for Assign Product to Seller.
magento 2 price comparison include coupons into emails, newsletters, follow up email with ease
magento 2 price comparison coupon Condition: Get coupons automatically
Functional Product Page

It is better for you to create the fullest and the most convenient product page for the transaction between you and customers. With Price Comparison, you just only have to click YES or NO to set the functions for your product page by setting:

  • Show Seller
  • Show Image
  • Show Description
  • Show Condition
  • Show Price
  • Show Add To Cart
  • Show Review
  • Show Quantity
Optimized Assigned Product Searching
By only typing the key terms of products, your customers can see lots of choices for them. They can see different product suggestions. Especially, they can easily compare their product prices to choose the best and most suitable one for them
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magento 2 price comparison mass action to save your time
Easily Customize Assigned Products
You can see the assigned products in the “Assign Product List” and can edit or delete the assigned products as well. Moreover, you can assign new price, quantity, and conditions to products.
Informative Product Showing

Customers can consider different products before purchasing thanks to fullly information product management such as:

  • Product ID 
  • Product name 
  • Seller name 
  • Quantity
  • Price 
  • Status
magento 2 price comparison include coupons into emails, newsletters, follow up email with ease
magento 2 price comparison coupon condition: get coupons automatically
Multiple Images Adding
You can add multiple images while adding assign product, update the assigned products and also delete them. Additionally, you can easily assign the product to your account without having to add a new product.
Powerful Management System

You are the most powerful manager with all permission of choosing which type of product is allowed to be selected, which attribute set can be used to inherit product information, which attribute can be used in filter selected product and many more settings. In the management panel, it can be fully controling in terms of different dimensions such as:

  • Catalog
  • Sales
  • Payment and Amount
  • Review and Rating
  • Shipping
  • Stripe
  • Paypal Adaptive Payment 
  • Price Comparison

Price Comparison Extension makes your managing process become easier.

magento 2 price comparison coupon status and coupon info
magento 2 price comparison attractive custom work service
Attractive Custom Work Service

Custom Work is always difficult for both web users & store owners. To help you reduce the pressure when sitting for a long time in front of screen to search & learn how to customize, we provide attractive custom work service with 2 main types:

  • Free Cost: Used for simple & less time-consuming custom
  • $15/hour cost: Used for complex & time-wasting custom

Magento 2 Price Comparison Extension

  • Working with 5 types of Magento 2 products
  • Allowing having multiple vendor /seller for a single product
  • Incredible shopping cart operation
  • One-click Customization Price Setting
  • Useful Price Comparison Menu
  • Magento 2 seller price comparison
  • Functional Product Page
  • Optimized Assigned Product Searching 
  • Full-controled Assign Product List
  • Informative Product Showing 
  • Multiple Images Adding
  • Having Powerful Management System

Single License

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  • 01 Domain usage
  • 12 Months Support


+$ 69
  • 02 Domain usage
  • 12 Months Support


+$ 169
  • 04 Domain usage
  • 12 Months Support

Agency License

+ $ 999
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I appreciate your extension. The functions work as described that it doesn't get me into trouble in using.
9/3/2018 By Kate
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
I have started selling online for 2 month, so it has been stuck with many problems on my store. I cannot find any suitable extension with my site to help me create the price comparison feature to make my customer feel comfortable when shopping. By accident, your extension by amasty impressed me with its flexibility and numerous options when I read a blog on the Magento Blog. Almost all the features were easy to set up and work fluently. Sometimes some functions still don't work cause of bugs. Thank to your enthusiatic support, they are now fine. Thank a lot for your help!
1/14/2018 By Jaime St
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness
I have been your loyal member with you for a long time and you never makes me disappointed about both your extension quality and your service. I was waiting for this price comparison 1 month ago and it finally comes and help me best with its compatible feature with almost types of products. I can sell different products and manage them well. I will contact you if I have problems, but now nothing happen.
I recommend for other merchant buy this extension because it has some unique features in comparison with other companies.
1/4/2018 By Stephen J
  • Developer Support
  • Functions as Described
  • Usefulness

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