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Magento 2 Extension Free and Premium

Landofcoder provides you 20+ best Magento 2 free extensions to save your budget. If you're looking for an advanced report, order attributes, affiliates, reward points, auto search, layered navigation, hide price or RMA pro, etc for the free version, here's your right place!

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LandOfCoder has developed a list of must-have Magento 2 Extension Free for merchants to get unlimited downloads. Not only help store owners to save the budget but also add on your site hundreds of functionalities. It is possible to enhance the customer’s experience from now on! 

Magento 2 Extension from Landofcoder includes a wide range of FREE modules to support all e-commerce activities. With this platform, admins can speed up your site, build up rich-content and intriguing pages, efficiently manage orders, products, clients and so many more outstanding features WITHOUT extra cost.

To have the overview of this list, we separate Magento 2 Extension Free into 5 Main Groups:

  1. GROUP 1: Free Magento 2 Extensions are marketing tools
  2. GROUP 2: The extensions fasten customers’ searching process
  3. GROUP 3: Magento 2 Extension enhances customer’s experience
  4. GROUP 4: The extensions support admin’s managerial process
  5. GROUP 5: The module integrates with other applications

GROUP 1: Free Magento 2 Extensions are marketing tools

1/ Image Slider for Magento 2 FREE !!!

Magento 2 Image Slider FREE

Would you like to make an eye-catching and irresistibly intriguing site? Image Slider for Magento 2 Extension FREE supports to create a bunch of banners on any favored pages. This module not only helps to decorate your better-looking store but also adds updated information regarding promotional campaigns.
Outstanding features:

  • Insert unlimited images, videos, texts on any position you like on your site
  • Be able to create 10 continuous slideshows with a diversity of animation for your choices
  • Optimize touch on mobile and tablet for handy usage of admins and web visitors
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2/ Magento 2 Reward Points FREE

Magento 2 Reward Point FREE

Do you know? Approximately 90% of shoppers deduct their loyalty points in the checkout process? Usually, it is an incentive policy applied in hundreds of worldwide stores to increase returning rates and impulse customer’s buying. Besides, it is an effective marketing strategy to keep and strengthen customer relationships.

Opt for multiple rewarding or earning rules from backend:

  • Admin can choose various ways of rewarding like new sign-up account, purchase in bulk, adding reviews, share on social networks, customer’s birthdays and so forth.
  • Create various earning rate types, for instance, giving 1 point for 10$ spent or rewarding 5% points of the original price.
  • Track point and history transactions: Shopper can keep an eye on his/her point balance, previous transactions and even inform brief tutorials on how to earn and spend points
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GROUP 2: The extensions fasten customers’ searching process

3/ Magento 2 Designer FREE

Magento 2 Designer Extension FREE

Do you only pick items made by these most talented designers like Pierre Cardin, Ralph Lauren or Victoria Beckham?

Magento 2 Designer is for all online shoppers coming by a store that can search for numerous products of any designer with a single click. Any guests can visit a separate designer page to find out the most favored creators recently. Besides, admin is able to manage, set maker’s profiles and link to the landing page from the store-back. 

  • Vary page layouts available to support registered users to build a special designer page
  • Display designer information at the end of the product page for customers to check who made an item and learn more related-maker details
  • Lightning-fast assigns product designers to specific items from back-end when choosing designers from an available list.
  • Please note: Only limited Magento 2 Extension providers offer this module.
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4/ Brand Extension for Magento 2 FREE

Magento 2 Brand Extension FREE

The latest module promotes your stores with advanced features providing a brand carousel and a brand page on your website. Never mind when your customers can look up any items by brand and go into a brand landing page to discover much more preferred products. If you are looking for an extension to make rich your site with a great variety of brands, let’s check it out!
Key Features of this Magento 2 Extension FREE:

  • Display all brand logos with an owl carousel on the homepage
  • Provide a brand show-case on a separate page with each brand showing image, logo, brand link to enter directly the landing page.
  • Optimize SEO to ensure your site on the top rank of Google search
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5/ Magento Product List FREE

Magento 2 Product List Extension FREE

How to help your web visitors browse swiftly what they are looking for?

Magento 2 Product List can organize a bunch of items in specific orders such as New Arrival, Best Deals, and Top Rated. Your online store seems more striking, neat and user-friendly as being equipped with this free extension. Creating a product list can be time-consuming with large-scaled businesses however, let’s enjoy it with the efficient supporting tool of Product List for Magento 2 Extension FREE.

  • Ready-for-use 9 rule types are here for admins to arrange the endless number of products including Latest, New Arrival, Special, Most Popular, Best Seller, Top Rated, Random, Featured, Deals.
  • Free to place product list on any pages or positions of your site with the support of Widget
  • Add effect tabs or animations from vast LandOfCoder’s collection with a blink of an eye
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6/ Magento Auto-Search FREE

Magento 2 Auto Search Extension FREE

Do you put on the shelf these products with long names and be afraid of clients not to remember to seek? Magento Auto Search is the best solution to engage with customers from the first type of character. Additionally, with this module, the online shopper is possible to investigate blog, brand, CMS pages and FAQ questions with a blink of an eye. Without spending money, you can empower your customers with a fast searching process.

  • Automatic completion, displaying relevant suggestions and searching by category are built-in this extension for a quick product seeking of buyers
  • Ajax boosts searching speed to the higher level with a few seconds
  • Any misspellings on a searching box can be corrected with trendy phrases shown under that bar.
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7/ Magento 2 Layered Navigation FREE

Magento 2 Layer Navigation Extension FREE

The largest e-commerce businesses often face an issue of customers getting lost and not navigate where their desired items are on the site. In a big fish tank, Layered Navigation for Magento 2 Extension FREE can help you to pick out your favored fish. Indeed, this extension can enhance customers’ experience by equipping the store with a fast, exact and user-friendly navigation system.

  • Apply multiple filters or select various values at once: Online shoppers can use a filter for different product attributes like size, color, shape, price and so forth. Besides, clients are able to tick available values at the same time to choose well-fitted items
  • Filter products lightning-fast: With the support of Ajax, Magento 2 Layered Navigation can speed up any filtering process
  • Slide price: A slide bar is designed for clients to freely drag and drop to be in the budget
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8/ Magento 2 Product Tags FREE

Magento 2 Product Tags Extension FREE

Another super-powerful supporting tool for product seeking is Magento 2 Product Tags. Not only narrow down search results in product filter by unlimited tags but also show the trendy tags on the bar. This module assists any site to empower customers with better product investigations.

  • Light items with special characteristics: Admin can set attractive tags on the store back for specific items such as free shipping fee, free gift attached, most updated version and so forth
  • Show product tags on the sidebar: Registered users can put tags to suggest customers other well-matched items that client is able to define another corresponding product and admin can rise up sales
  • Facilitate store owner to manage tags in the back-end: Admin can add new, update, remove or delete tags in bulk.
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GROUP 3: Magento 2 Extension enhances customer’s experience

9/ Magento 2 Infinite Scroll FREE

Magento 2 Infinite Scroll Extension FREE

According to Smashing Magazine, the research compared the differences between using Infinite Scrolling, Pagination and “Load More” button has shown that applying Infinite Scrolling can have the biggest impact on user experience on the site. In fact, not only raise customer satisfaction but also Infinite Scroll for Magento 2 Extension FREE is able to boost sales for store owners.

  • Load the next pages automatically: Admin can set this configuration to facilitate customers and increase conversion rate
  • Be possible to share or bookmark the link to your preferred page. For instance, you would like to purchase a shoe on page 5, you are now able to send to your friends and have a tick to return
  • Customize effortlessly loading button, image, and text from back-end
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10/ Magento 2 Lazy Load FREE

Magento 2 Lazy Load Extension FREE

Have you ever waited when scrolling down to look for preferred items on the online shopping site? In fact, it is quite long when your server manages a huge database like Amazon or eBay. However, Lazy Load for Magento 2 Extension FREE is designed to speed up loading time with the free version you can get now.

  • Offload for the server to save internet bandwidth (measured the maximum data transfer rate of a network of Internet connection)
  • Decrease loading time for any page such as Home Page, Category Page, Search Page, Cart Page
  • Load image with the beautiful transition: If there is overload access, customers may hold back a few seconds however, Magento 2 Lazy Load shows the prettiest transitions during that time.
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GROUP 4: The extensions support admin’s managerial process

11/ Magento 2 Advanced Reports FREE

Magento 2 Advance Report Extension FREE

How to make prudent business decisions is a complicated problem for all managers. Magento 2 Advanced Reports is created to bring the most updated and accurate sales-related metrics for the store owners to make beneficial strategic decisions. Furthermore, admins can have an overview of predicted revenue in the following month, quarter and year.

  • Provide 28 ready-made reports for the store owners to track statistical data regarding different categories like orders, the number of goods sold, income, stock availability, etc.
  • Filter fast and smart: Admin can apply conditions of time and order such as period, types orders to produce your preferred reports.
  • Equipped with a profit-calculating formula: Sellers can measure how much money your business generates effortlessly and swiftly with Bestsellers, Earning Comparison calculation and so on.
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12/  Free Magento 2 Admin Theme

Magento 2 Admin Theme Extension FREE

The store owner may face the difficulty of coding to open a new online store. No more worries because Magento 2 Admin Theme is developed to assist any admin in building their own websites for free. Moreover, registered users can keep control of the store’s activities in the back-end.

  • Code transparently: The extension codes cleanly that benefits for the site to run faster and more smoothly
  • Translate readily and support RTL (Registered-Transfer Level is used in hardware description languages): It is automatic to translate to popular languages like English, French, Germany and so on
  • Free update lifetime: Any latest version of Admin Theme for Magento 2 Extension FREE will be free installed as soon as possible
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13/ Magento 2 RMA Extension

Magento 2 RMA Extension FREE

It is inevitable for any shop to handle returns or exchange goods. Magento 2 RMA Extension is designed to help store owners to better manage these merchandises. In addition, return and exchange procedure is simplified to impulse customer’s purchases

  • Choose flexibly returns goods from the ordered list: Customers can pick any item out of their orders to request RMA
  • Message rapidly from the front-end: Clients can text and send attached files such as image, the document directly to admin on the site that ease the return process.
  • Report the chart of return activities: Store owner is able to keep track of all RMA-related data through a report chart integrated with a useful filter by product, period and reason
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14/ Magento 2 Affiliate Extension

Magento 2 Affiliate Extension FREE

Expanding the store scale is usually a desire for any e-commerce business. The more sales agent the store owner links with, the more profit is generated and multi-level marketing is implemented. Magento 2 Affiliate Extension is now available on the shelf to ease the full-scale affiliate programs and the alternative channel’s management.

  • Create unlimited affiliate programs: Admin can develop a great variety of affiliate campaigns that you can adjust the valid date, commission, condition and so on.
  • Add multi-tier marketing: Registered users can set different levels of marketing and specific commission to the corresponding level.
  • Pay per lead, click, sale and new customer’s order: Store owners can regulate commission-related rules he new affiliate partners, first or frequent clicks, completed orders of old and new clients
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GROUP 5: The module integrates with other applications

15/ Free Magento 2 Facebook Live Chat

Magento 2 Facebook Live chat FREE

According to Statista, the number of Facebook monthly active users is 2.45 million in the third quarter of 2019 and Facebook ranks in the first place among social networks. To catch the trend, Facebook Live Chat for Magento 2 Extension FREE is developed to help admin keep in touch with shoppers instantly. Magento 2 Extension users can provide customer care, consulting, answering queries, placing orders and so forth through Messenger application.

  • Configure all features of chatbox: Admin can customize a communication window that is quite familiar to Messenger, from height, width, unlimited color, avatar image width, and height.
  • Set greeting, upcoming events and store profile on Facebook: Users can send automatic or manual messages to customers for special occasions
  • Log in Facebook in a blink of an eye: Just one click on the admin’s site, visitors can sign in Facebook account to start a conversation.
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16/ Magento 2 Slack Integration Extension

Magento 2 Slack Integration FREE

No more time-consuming on sign-in Admin account to receive and reply to all customer-related notifications. It is true thanks to the integration of Slack to Magento 2 Extension FREE. From now on, registered users are extremely handy to get the latest information on the store automatically and instantly.

  • Receive order, customer review, new customer and so forth on admins’ slack. As soon as an order is placed, a client leaves feedback and a web visitor signs up, admin can get to know without logging in store account.
  • Configure simply in the back-end: User has supported all Complete Guide Documents or Video Tutorial Guides.
  • Distinguish notification types for each channel: Available alerting types include Order, Customer, Review matching well with users’ need.
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