Legal Requirements

For the reason of copyright, you have the responsibility to sell things that only belong to you. In another word, you are making an agreement with both LandOfCoder and everyone purchasing your item that you own full copyright to that item, and have appropriately licensed any auxiliary content that it makes use of.

There are very serious consequences for doing the wrong thing when it comes to copyright so make sure you read this section very carefully and avoid misusing another person’s work. If after reading this section you are still unclear you should contact support to answer any questions you have.

LandOfCoder takes copyright violation very seriously. If we discover that a work has violated copyright, the seller will be banned from LandOfCoder market; freeze and funds made from the sale of that work and in some cases the injured party will take the legal action against you - ensure you are aware of the rules.

LandOfCoder Marketplace License

When you sell an item on LandOfCoder Market, you are granting purchases a license to use the item. It is important to have a close look at different license terms and FAQs to fully understand how your items may be used. If you do not want to or are unable to grant these rights, they cannot be sold on LandOfCoder Market. Please do not upload then under any circumstance.