Refund Policy

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Refund policy can be applied to commercial products except discounted and sale of items. In other words, refund policy won’t be applied for discounted and sale off items under no circumstance

Please submit a ticket with your order information to our ticket system to request refund. You will receive refund within 7 days since your request is confirmed.

All refund requests after 30 days since the purchase date will be not accepted. Please remember that we will not refund any fee you paid for installation and customization services.

Poster by: demo demo  on  19 Sep 2016

If you’re not absolutely delighted, we’ll return your money. We offer you 30 days money back guaranteed. Hence you can get money back within 30 days since the day you purchased the product.

Poster by: Alena Dao  on  16 Sep 2016

When you purchase our installation service, we will install a product and remove all possible problems during installation process.

The fee that you paid for installation service is the amount of time that we spend on serving you; hence it cannot be refunded.

If you are not dissatisfied with our installation service, please contact our Sales Manager at We will replace new technical supporter for you to serve you better.

Poster by: Alena Dao  on  19 Sep 2016

We are so sorry to say that we cannot give you the refund in this case. Because it’s against our policy so we can't break the rule. Moreover, if you got any issue, we will give you the best support you.

Poster by: Alena Dao  on  16 Sep 2016